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Arkanoid II: The Revenge of DoH

Taito, 1988

Arkanoid: Revenge of DoH is an arcade game in which the player controls a paddle. The objective of the game is to bounce a ball such that it hits bricks. Once a brick is hit it disappears. When all the bricks are gone the player advances to the next level. There's also a story in this game, but the player doesn't need to know it to enjoy Arkanoid II.

The game I just described may sound a bit like Breakout (the video game, not the Charles Bronson movie), but there is more in Arkanoid II. Like, when some bricks are hit, capsules appear out of the brick remains. These capsules are power-ups that the player can catch. The power-ups alter the behavior of the paddle and the ball. For example, there's a power-up that adds extra balls and there's another power-up that increases the size of the paddle, so it's easier to bounce a ball.

Another feature of Arkanoid II is that after finishing a level the player can choose the next level. Every level, except level 1 and the two boss levels, exist in two completely different versions: a left version and a right version. This really increases the lifespan of this game.

But when you have finished all the levels and you still haven't had enough of Arkanoid II, you can create an almost unlimited amount of extra levels with the built-in level editor. And that's exactly what we did...

This is a set of levels we created back in 1995, named Easyplay.  As the name suggests, these levels are designed to be super easy, so you can get to the boss levels with a ton of lives and have a great score.

Download Easyplay here.

Arkanoid II: The Revenge of DoH - Later the Pixel Painters have a wrath of their own with Electranoid Arkanoid II: The Revenge of DoH - Later the Pixel Painters have a wrath of their own with Electranoid

  • NovaLogic Chuck Romberger made the IBM version of this game for NovaLogic.