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Links Page
These are links to other great sites.  Since we are primarily a games site we've got a section with links to sites dedicated to computer games.  But because we are also interested in other things there's a section with links to sites that don't relate to games.

If you have a nice page yourself and want to exchange links, please contact us.

Game Links

  • Gratis op te Halen is a message board with stuff that can be picked up free. So when you're looking for an old computer, give this website a shot. (in Dutch)

  • HTML Goodies A good page with easy to use tutorials on both beginner and advanced level HTML coding.

  • IMDb The Internet Movie Database contains lots of info for about every movie, cartoon and TV series ever shown.  On top of that, there are entries for most recent computer games as they feature (voice) acting as well.

  • Internet Archive Old games are sometimes supported by old websites. More often than not, these original websites are taken out of commision when the game isn't sold anymore. With any luck, the Internet Archive has saved the website and you can find it via their Wayback Machine.

  • Mystic Light Rikkert's Homepage is back on-line, this time with more info on spirituality than ever. (in Dutch)