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Wacky Wheels

Wextract extracts files from Wacky Wheels.  Now you can play every midi from the game, listen to all the sound effects, watch some strange pictures, try to make a level editor and much more.  And the best thing is that I made it myself.  The program is made in Qbasic, so everybody can understand it.

You can download Wextract here. Source included.

Wacky Wheels - Where Skunny got run over. Wacky Wheels - Where Skunny got run over.


Easter Eggs
To see the Dopefish (Dopefish) from Commander Keen, start a single player race.  When everybody else drives off, you just hold down the break, and turn left all the way around.


These are all command line parameters
(e.g. C:\Racing Games With Cartoon Animals\Wacky Wheels>ww.exe /2 hog)

/2Fast gameplay
/3Super fast gameplay
turboActivate turbo key: BRAKE + FIRE
jumpActivate jump key: BRAKE + ACCELERATE

Additionally, you can specify one of the following three weapon parameters:
hogGet 99 hedgehogs
iceGet 99 ice cubes
fireGet 99 fireballs

  • Apogee The publishers of Wacky Wheels.