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Commander Keen

On-Line Game
We've created our very first on-line game! It's called Keen's Slot Machine. It basically is what it sounds like: a slot machine game with Commander Keen treasures from all episodes, and Commander Keen himself comments on your progress with over 100 'clever' remarks. Oh and since we're from Europe the active currency in the game is the euro (€).

Play it here: Keen's Slot Machine XL.

Hope you like it!

Sound Player
Sndplay plays the PC speaker sound effects for the following games: Catacomb, The Catacomb, Slordax, Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons, Rescue Rover, Hovertank 3-D, Paragon, Street Ball, Duke Nukum, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Major Stryker, Shadow Knights, Math Rescue, Pickle Wars, Dangerous Dave and Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion.

For Commander Keen 2 you need Keen2snd and for Commander Keen 3 you need Keen3snd because the sounds are stored inside the EXE and these programs get them out of there. Download Sndplay now.

Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons, Episode 3: Keen Must Die! He wears a pink shirt (!) Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons, Episode 3: Keen Must Die! He wears a pink shirt (!)



Commander Keen 4

This nobwb.zip file is made solely to show that a Keen 4 level editor can be made, despite the fact that Joe Siegler from 3D Realms said it can't be done because you have got to compile the source code and you don't have the source code. This is the complete Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket level from Commander Keen 4, but the ship is gone. It's done by hex editing the gamemaps.ck4 file.

The complete Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket level from CK4, but now the ship is gone. On a side note: He wears a pink shirt (!) The complete Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket level from CK4, but now the ship is gone. On a side note: He wears a pink shirt (!)

If you think this is just an edited picture, download the file nobwb.zip and see for yourself.

This new level was announced on the 3D Realms forum, the posting contains some extra information which you might find interesting. If this link doesn't work anymore try searching on the forum for this topic: "New Commander Keen 4 level!".

When you still want some more information, just mail me (Frenkel) and I'll get back to you.


This is a cool patch where you can be Dopefish (Dopefish) in the Well of Wishes. Because uploading the exe-file is illegal we give you the following guide to hack the exe yourself.

Extract your Commander Keen 4 executable (keen4e.exe) with PkLite or a similar tool and do the following patches with the hex editor of your choice. I used Unlzexe.exe.

Offset 0x3299E: change 39 01 39 01 to 98 01 98 01
Offset 0x329BC: change 3A 01 3A 01 to 98 01 98 01
Offset 0x3365C: change 35 01 37 01 to A2 01 94 01
Offset 0x3367A: change 36 01 38 01 to A3 01 95 01
Offset 0x33698: change 35 01 37 01 to A2 01 94 01
Offset 0x336B6: change 36 01 38 01 to A3 01 95 01

Save your new exe and run it. Now you're Dopefish in the level called Well of Wishes. The only flaw is that the screen moves really jerky. I didn't test this on the CGA version, but who plays that version anyway?

Justin made an IPS file from this guide. You can download the file k4patches.zip now. With the other file inside the zip you shoot slugs.


Commander Keen 1, 2 & 3

C + T + SPACEBARFree items
G + O + DGod mode
TAB + LEFT SHIFTWalk past levels on map

Commander Keen 3.5, 4, 5 & 6

Enable: A + 2 + ENTER (or use parameter NOWAIT, works for some versions)
F10 + BBorder color
F10 + CCount objects
F10 + DDemo recording
F10 + EEnd level
F10 + GGod mode
F10 + IFree items
F10 + JJump mode
F10 + NNo clipping
F10 + SSlow motion
F10 + TTest sprites
F10 + VVelocity of Keen
F10 + WWarp to level
F10 + YSee all the secret tunnels
F10 + ZInstant game over

These cheats don't need the enable:
B + A + TExtra Keen, all keys, 99 shots
E + N + DThe end

NOTE: Some of these don't work on Commander Keen 3.5 and 6.

Hex cheats for Commander Keen 4 version 1.0

Use UNLZEXE to decompress KEEN4E.EXE and edit KEEN4E.EXE with a hex editor.

Unlimited bullets:
Original FF 0E D7 77
Patch    90 90 90 90

Unlimited lives:
Original FF 0E E9 77
Patch    90 90 90 90

Obsolete TED Cheat

When KEEN1.EXE, KEEN2.EXE or KEEN3.EXE of version 1.1 or below is started with the "/LEVEL" parameter, the file "TEDLEVEL.CK1", "TEDLEVEL.CK2" or "TEDLEVEL.CK3" is read (if it exists). The first 16-bit little-endian integer of this file is interpreted as the level number.

When KEEN4E.EXE, KEEN5E.EXE or KEEN6E.EXE is started with the "TEDLEVEL XY" parameter, where X and Y are levelnumber-1, you'll start in that level-numbered level.

Doom Skin
Commander Keen is ready to take revenge for what that nameless space marine did to him on level 32 of Doom II. If you've got Doom Legacy or another Doom port that can handle skins, you can take part in this act of revenge and start blasting away at those monotonous space marines.

Commander Keen skin for Doom Commander Keen skin for Doom.

Joseph Dugas from CyberG Mountain has improved the Commander Keen skin. Download the completed Keen skin keenskin1.zip.

If you think you can do a better job at building a Keen skin, you can download our draft version of the Keen skin, it has all the separate graphics and some sounds.
Get keenskin0.zip (151 kb).

  • id Software Some creators Commander Keen work here now.
  • Apogee The publisher of most Commander Keen games. It also has an interesting story about 10 years of Commander Keen.
  • Planet Romero John Romero worked on Commander Keen. He has now his own forums where you can discuss Commander Keen with the author.
  • The Tom Hall Press Homepage of the designer of Commander Keen.
  • Bobby Prince He composed the music for the Commander Keen games.


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