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Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure

Textract.exe extracts files from the Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure grouped file.  It gives you the sounds, end screens, music and much more.  Textract also works with Major Stryker and Duke Nukem 2.

Download Textract here.

Cosmo doesn't suck, it's his hands that suck. Cosmo doesn't suck, it's his hands that suck.


Sound Player
Sndplay plays the PC speaker sound effects for the following games: Catacomb, The Catacomb, Slordax, Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons, Rescue Rover, Hovertank 3D, Paragon, Duke Nukum, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Major Stryker, Shadow Knights, Math Rescue, Pickle Wars, Dangerous Dave and Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion.

You can download Sndplay here.

Picture Viewer
I wrote some programs to view the pictures of this great game.

Download Cosmosee here, Source included. (actually it is the source)

F10 + C + 0   Full health and bombs (works only once)

To activate the debug mode use F12 + TAB + DEL, then use the following:
F10 + GGod mode
F10 + WWarp level
F10 + MMemory usage
F10 + PPause game without showing 'Game Paused'
F10 + E + N + DEnd sequence
F11Pressing this key on the main menu starts the demo recording mode. Press X to go to the next level. The demo will be saved in the file PREVDEMO.MNI.

When you use apogee as a command line parameter (e.g. C:\Cosmo\Cosmo1.exe apogee), the Simpsons invade your high score, your save games will not be found and, more importantly, if you die right after entering a level you'll be invincible. Actually, it turns out every parameter will work, as long as a directory with the same name doesn't exist in your Cosmo directory. For example, when you have Cosmo installed in the directory C:\Cosmo\ and you use "apogee" as parameter, the directory C:\Cosmo\apogee\ should not exist.

  • Apogee The publisher and creators of Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.
  • Bobby Prince composed the Cosmo music, although he borrowed the opening song Tush from ZZTop.