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Bio Menace

The following cheat is only available in the registered and freeware registered version of Bio Menace. It doesn't do anything in the shareware episode.

C + A + TMachine gun with 90 rounds of ammo and 99 regular grenades

The following cheats are only available in the freeware registered version of Bio Menace.

1) Press C + O + D to display a window that asks for a code.

2) As a code enter 91827. The game won't show you whether you entered the right code or not.

3) Press and hold J + I + M, press and hold SPACEBAR and then release either J or M. The message "Debug keys active!" should appear.

4) Then:
F10 + BChange border color
F10 + CShow number of active and inactive objects
F10 + DStart and stop recording a demo
F10 + EEnd level
F10 + GGod mode
F10 + IFree items
F10 + JJump cheat
F10 + MShow memory usage
F10 + NNo clipping
F10 + PPause
F10 + SSlow motion
F10 + TSprite test
F10 + VAdd extra VBLs
F10 + WWarp to level
F10 + YShow secret tunnels
F10 + ZLose a life

Bio Menace - Look alive, you slacker. Get back to work, and clean up that mess you made on your desk! I'm not paying you to sit around. Bio Menace - Look alive, you slacker.  Get back to work, and clean up that mess you made on your desk!  I'm not paying you to sit around.


In addition to the cheats, the game also features four special moves; a nice touch, scarcely seen in the side scrolling platform genre.  The moves are:

Electron Shield
Press left, right, left, right, left, right and jump.  You'll turn into a deadly statue, you're unable to move, but everything that touches you dies.  It lasts a couple of seconds.

Fire Ball Attack
Do your spinning-around-like-a-crazy-corkscrew-on-dope move, but now end with the fire button.  Snake spews deadly fire balls from every orifice, very useful when you're out of grenades.

Invincibility Burst
Hold down the up arrow until you hear an annoying noise, then press the down arrow.  It functions like a invincibility potion, but last only a few seconds.

Super Plasma Bolt
Hold down the up arrow until you hear that annoying noise, and press the fire button.  The plasma bolt can rip through a whole bunch of enemies, but you'll lose a hit point too, so use its power wisely.

Here are the maps for all the levels of the registered version of Bio Menace.  It comes in handy when you can't find all the Secret Level Gems and other hidden stuff.

You can download Bmenmap1 here.
You can download Bmenmap2 here.
You can download Bmenmap3 here.

Here's what Jim Norwood, the creator of Bio Menace, thinks of these maps:
"Also, to Frenkel, who created map images of all the BioMenace levels (link) - I thought that was great! My hat is off to you."


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