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Doom I & Doom II

Partial Conversion
Click here to download Duke
Download DUKE

DUKE is a very cool mod / partial conversion for DOOM.  Get rid of that stupid space marine, start playing with the only real hero Duke Nukem.  He visits the Deimos base and enters Hell with his own arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.  Weapons include the electro devastator, overloaded shrink ray and freeze thrower.  Duke wouldn't be himself if he wouldn't utter his catch phrases like 'Come get some!' and 'Damn you're ugly'.  If all that didn't convince you to press your left mouse button on the DUKE image I hope these screenshots will.

View screenshot 1 "Come get some!"
View screenshot 2 "Damn you're ugly!" :D
View screenshot 3 DukeMatch

The following ones are our entries for the 3D Realms fake Duke Nukem Forever screenshots contest which are actually DUKE screenshots:
View fake screenshot 1 Enter the world of Duke.
View fake screenshot 2 Title screen, this was shown on the 3D Realm website.
View fake screenshot 3 Big guns to take on big guys.
View fake screenshot 4 "That's gotta hurt!"
View fake screenshot 5 "Mommy, there's an icky spider in the dark!"
View fake screenshot 6 "Terminated!"

Hello-o mister cranky, I'm right over here. Hello-o mister cranky, I'm right over here.

Get DUKE here, it's 568 kB.

System requirements:  Doom 1 or 2
Extra recommended:  Any Doomsource-port, like Doom Legacy, DosDoom, Boom, etc.  Or use Dehacked, together with Deusf.

Ever wanted to use Duke Nukem's handy exploding tube in Doom?  Well here's your chance to do just that.  These pipe bombs are great for cleaning the room, you've got to be careful however, because the detonation button is stuck.

View screenshot 1
Download them pipe bombs here.

Commander Keen is ready to take revenge for what that nameless space marine did to him on level 32 of Doom II.  If you've got Doom Legacy or another Doom port that can handle skins, you can take part in this act of revenge and start blasting away at those monotonous space marines.

Joseph Dugas from CyberG Mountain has improved the Commander Keen skin. Download the completed Keen skin here.

If you think you can do a better job at building a Keen skin, you can download our draft version of the Keen skin, it has all the separate graphics and some sounds.
Get the zip keenskin0.zip (151 kb).

Commander Keen skin for Doom Commander Keen skin for Doom.


idbeholdDisplays menu, followed by A, I, L, R, S, or V for your option:
      A:   Full Automap (computer map)
      I :   Partial invisibility
      L:   Light amplification visors
      R:   Anti-radiation suit
      S:   Strength (Berserk)
      V:   Invulnerability
idchoppersGives you the chain saw
idclevWarp (followed by episode and level number)
idclipNo clipping
iddqdGod mode
iddtToggles Automap between normal, full, and full with objects
idfaGives full ammo, 200% armor, and all weapons but no keys
idkfaGives full ammo, 200% armor, and all weapons and keys
idmyposDisplays your bearing and coordinates in hex
idmusChanges the music to a certain mission (followed by episode and level number)
idspispopdNo clipping

As most Doom fans visiting this website regularly have probably noticed, the background of our former website layout was a variation of hell's mountains, a background often used in Doom.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out 'screenshot 3' for comparison.

The old background has been reworked to be better adjusted for different screen sizes.  Because of that different sizes of the background image were made that are now available for you to download as wallpapers.

Doom Wallpaper Doom Wallpaper Doom Wallpaper Doom Wallpaper Doom Wallpaper






To download, right-click on the thumbnail and Save Target As...
To view, just click the thumbnail.



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