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Wolfenstein 3D
Spear of Destiny

WolfWall is a cool set of new walls that give an extra load of blood and goo to this (still) excellent game by id Software.

Download Wolfwall here.

WolfWall, pretty. WolfWall, pretty.


Easter Eggs


Hold down [M] when the game is starting to access a jukebox.  It will randomly select a list of songs.

Gang Screen (SOD)

To get a Gang Screen, choose the window resize option, change the window size, press enter to confirm, then immediately hold down the [I] and [D] keys together.  Another way to get the gang screen is to press [I] and [D] at the high score screen.

Funny Face (SOD)

If you do nothing in the game for 30 seconds, BJ will either cross his eyes or stick out his tongue at you.  It happens quickly, so you have to watch carefully.  You can repeat this as many times as you like.

1) At the command line type:
wolf3d next (v1.0)
wolf3d goobers (v1.1+)
spear debugmode (SOD)

2) Enable:
TAB + CTRL + ENTER (v1.0)

3) Then:
TAB + BBorder color
TAB + CStatistics
TAB + EEnd level
TAB + FPosition
TAB + GGod mode
TAB + HHurt
TAB + IFree items
TAB + MMemory status
TAB + NNo clipping (v1.0 & SOD)
TAB + OOverhead map (v1.0)
TAB + SSlow motion
TAB + TSprites
TAB + WWarp mode

To record a demo press TAB at the intro screen. (WOLF)

These cheats don't need to be enabled:
M + I + LFull Health, Ammo, Keys, Weapons, Zero score
T + A + BCheatmeister
TAB + F10 + GGod mode (SOD)

When WOLF3D.EXE or SPEAR.EXE is started with the "TEDLEVEL XY" parameter, where X is episodenumber-1 and Y is levelnumber-1, you'll start in that levelnumbered level.

Hex Cheats

Wolfenstein 3D (v1.1 shareware)

Use UNLZEXE to unpack WOLF3D.EXE and edit WOLF3D.EXE with a hex editor.

This one makes number of bullets irreducible (it can increase though):
Original FF 0E D8
Patch    90 90 90

Irreducible health (god mode does same thing):
Original 29 36 D6 87
Patch    90 90 90 90

With this next patch you won't see the blasts when the Nazis shoot at you, those blasts are pain.  When you use god mode and a lot of guys shoot at you at the same time the whole screen goes red.  With this patch you will still be hit if you don't use a patch for health or god mode.

Original 96 00 74 2F A1 3C 96
Patch    96 00 EB 2F A1 3C 96

Spear of Destiny (v 1.4)

Use UNLZEXE to unpack SPEAR.EXE, then edit SPEAR.EXE with a hex editor.

Unlimited lives:
Original FF 0E 40
Patch    90 0E 40

In the help section of Wolfenstein 3-D v1.4 shareware version, there are a couple of quotes from the creators of the game. Adrian Carmack, who did the graphics, said: "Okay, now for the CGA version . . . NOT!" This demo shows what a CGA version of Wolfenstein 3-D could have looked like.

Download Wolfenstein 3-D in CGA, source code in C with inline assembly included.

CGA version? I accept that challenge. CGA version? I accept that challenge.

Here are two screenshots of the demo. The first one shows the title screen.

Wolfenstein 3-D CGA title screen Wolfenstein 3-D in CGA title screen

The second screenshot shows some texture mapped raycasting action.

Wolfenstein 3-D CGA Wolfenstein 3-D in CGA

And here's a video of the whole demo.

Wolfenstein 3-D CGA demo in DOSBox

Here's what Tom Hall, the director Wolfenstein 3-D, thinks of this demo:
"Cool will have to check it out sometime soon."

  • Apogee The publishers of Wolfenstein 3D.
  • id Software The creators of Wolfenstein 3D.
  • Planet Romero A creator of Wolfenstein 3D.  He has some very old pictures of Wolfenstein 3D and he has got his own forums where you can talk with the author.
  • The Tom Hall Press Wolfenstein 3D designer.
  • Bobby Prince composed the music for Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny.


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