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Id Software, 1996

As the first real 3D action game, Quake immediately set the bar high for other first person shooters following it.  Although the story line is meager and the level design inconsistent (what's the deal with those high tech military bases integrated with medieval castles?), the gameplay, animations and multiplayer capabilities are incredibly good.

Quake - Here puppy, puppy! Yes, come to daddy! That's a good boy, yes! Oh you're so fuzzy, I love you so much. Quake - Here puppy, puppy!  Yes, come to daddy!  That's a good boy, yes!  Oh you're so fuzzy, I love you so much.

First press tilde (~) to enter the console, then type the following:

flyFly mode
give 1Get the Axe
give 2Get the Shotgun
give 3Get the Double-Barrelled Shotgun
give 4Get the Nailgun
give 5Get the Super Nailgun
give 6Get the Grenade Launcher
give 7Get the Rocket Launcher
give 8Get the Thunderbolt
give c #Set cells to #
give h #Set health to #
give n #Set nails to #
give r #Set rockets to #
give s #Set shells to #
godGod mode
impulse -1Quad damage
impulse 11Get a rune
impulse 255Quad damage
impulse 9All weapons, ammo and keys
killCommit suicide
map e#m#Level warp to Episode #, Map #
noclipNo clipping
notargetMonsters aren't hostile until you hit them
skill #Change skill to level # [0-3] (effective upon level change)
sv_gravity #Set gravity to #%
  • Console Planet Quake hosts a complete list of available console commands.


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