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Crystal Caves

Apogee, 1991

Crystal Caves is a fun platform game in which Mylo Steamwitz ventures into caves to collect crystals.  The space theme comes across in the special features like low friction, in some levels the character slides back with the recoil of his rocket launcher.  There's also a reversed gravity switch, when pressed, Mylo walks on the ceiling.

Crystal Caves - This is a very sophisticated cave, it has air purifiers and everything. Crystal Caves - This is a very sophisticated cave, it has air purifiers and everything.


Crystal Caves: Crazy Egg Hunt

Crazy Egg Hunt is a funny graphics mod for Crystal Caves.  It was made using our Tile Modifier.  This modification ups the standard for number of Easter eggs in a game.  And don't let the dramatic intro story fool you, it's not that serious :).

On a starlit Good Friday night, Mylo Steamwitz falls asleep at the steering wheel of his worn-out spacecraft the Millennium Kiwi.  Dreaming of a happy life of farming Twibbles he suddenly wakes up as the ship shakes violently.  Still drowsy he looks out of the starboard window, what he then sees hits him like a splash of cold water.  A large steel carrot is jammed into the side of the Kiwi.  With the push of a button the interior of the penetrating vessel is scanned.  "One bio sign. Species: Oryctolagus cuniculus.  Life support: failing.", the monotone voice of the computer speaks.  With no time to think about what kind of alien the computer indicated, Mylo rushes out to rescue the injured being.

As he makes his way to the tip of the carrot, Mylo peeks in rooms lining the corridor.  "This is one industrious alien, these rooms are jam-packed with cans of paint.  But what is this slimy stuff on the floor?"  A few rooms further down the hall he realizes what he's been walking in.  "Ah yuck, there are broken eggs everywhere.  Yolk and egg white, enough scrambled eggs to feed the Blarg of Grabl II. That beast would also love the chocolate eggs in this room over here. He, wait a minute..."  Putting the pieces together in his mind, with each step Mylo becomes more and more aware to the identity of the captain of the vessel.  Then he enters the bridge and the full implications of the accident hit him, blood leaves his head, his heart is pounding, his vision blurs.  "No! I'm the man that killed the Easter Bunny!"

Thoughts about where to flee to before the Intergalactic Police can find him fill his head, but then the bunny speaks:  "There's still time...  Think of the children...  Please save Easter!...  Go to Easter Planet...  Retrieve all the Easter eggs...  Be careful...  Guardians...  are programmed to...  eliminate...  intruders...  The...  password...  is...  ...".  With that the Easter bunny passes out.  Relieved he got a second chance Mylo takes the good-hearted bunny to the nearest friendly planet to recover.  He rents himself a bunny costume, and in a local gun shop he ask the shopkeeper to modify an acid sludge shooter so it resembles the Easter bunny's basket.  Prepared for severe opposition he sets a course to Easter planet, on a quest to Save Easter.

Download Crystal Caves: Crazy Egg Hunt here.
You also need a version of Crystal Caves, you can get the shareware version at Apogee.
If you like this game, you might want to check out our Christmas mod for Secret Agent as well.

Crystal Caves: Crazy Egg Hunt - 'Rated eggcellent' by Mr. Corny Crystal Caves: Crazy Egg Hunt - "Rated eggcellent" by Mr. Corny


Tile Modifier
With CCmod you can dump all the tiles of Crystal Caves to a Bmp file, so you can edit them with your favorite picture editing program.  When you're done, you can put them back and play Crystal Caves with your own graphics.

I've also included some old Qbasic source code of some stuff for Crystal Caves, including the source code of an old tile dumper of mine called Cc1dump.

Download CCmod here.

X + T + R + AGives you max ammo
N + E + X + TWarp level
Z + E + U + SGod mode, press G to reverse gravity

  • Apogee The creators of Crystal Caves.

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