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Secret Agent

Apogee, 1992

As a true James Bond, Secret Agent's main character, Agent 006, tries to stop Dr. No Body of international crime organization D.V.S. in this fun platform game.  In about every level he has to do spy stuff like destroying the satellite uplink, disabling a laser by hacking into a computer mainframe and blowing up a reinforced steel door with a stick of dynamite.  Despite the repetitiveness of use of these parts, the levels are varied and never become dull.

Secret Agent - On Her Majesty's Secret Burial Service. Secret Agent - On Her Majesty's Secret Burial Service.


Secret Agent: License to Chill

License to Chill is a funny Christmas style graphics mod for Secret Agent.  In this game, agent 006 gets to dress up like Santa Claus, throw snowballs at Christmas elves and robots, collect an array of weapons, and settle the score with his archenemy Dr. No Body once and for all.  You better finish the Doctor off for good this time, or he might resurface to ruin Halloween ;).  The following is a story to set the tone for the action, and to cover up some holes in the logic of the game :).  It's a bit long, but you can always scroll to the bottom and just download and play the game.


On the plane ride to the island you contemplated the events that got you here.  Santa Claus and his wife desperately entered a US embassy on Greenland.  Upon meeting with the ambassador they requested political asylum.  Immediately they were flown to FBI headquarters for questioning.  You, agent 006, was present at that interrogation.

Santa wasn't as jolly as he used to be.  He told about an uprising of Christmas elves against his rule.  The rebellion of his magical personnel wasn't led by an elf, however.  A month before the insurgence a castaway drifted ashore near one of Santa's North Pole bases.  He was a frightening appearance, more machine than man.  In fact the only thing human about him was the brain floating in a transparent tank on his shoulders.

As Santa uttered those words you immediately knew you would be going on this mission, you wouldn't be seeing any Christmas movies this year.  No other person could fit that description than that devious Dr. No Body.  You thought you took care of him for good on that mission all those years ago.  But it now turns out that blowing up the entire island fortress of D.V.S. didn't finish Dr. No Body off.

The Diabolical Villain Society's leader appears to have survived the blast.  In all those years floating around in the ocean he has been cultivating a grudge against the world and you in particular.  Eventually sea currents took him to the Arctic where Mr. and Mrs. Claus nursed him back to health themselves.  Santa mentioned he would always help a physically handicapped person, but in hindsight he would be better off if he wouldn't have.  Once recovered the castaway didn't want to leave.  Even after Santa personally arranged a place for him to stay, he stayed.  He stayed and fed animosity among the Christmas elves.  He manipulated the feeling of under appreciation among some of the elves.  He brainwashed others and eventually indoctrinated every elf into accepting him as their new leader.  He got them to depose Santa Claus.

The Bureau has assigned you to this mission, a mission to correct your earlier mistake and finally terminate Dr. No Body and save Christmas in the process.  Now you're on one of Santa's island bases in the Arctic.  You feel like you've been air-dropped right into the shark's mouth again.  Santa pleaded for the lives of the Christmas elves, saying it wasn't their fault.  As a consequence your license to kill has been temporarily revoked for the duration of this mission, leaving you to devise a nonlethal way to dispose of hostiles.  The scientists of the FBI were confident they could successfully brainwash the elves into obedience again once you've stopped Dr. No Body.  "Heck," you thought, "If they did it in mission Orange Clockwork, why wouldn't it work now?"  But it left you with a bad feeling that those eggheads would rather keep those elves alive to experiment with, probably to find the source of their magical abilities, than they would like to keep you alive.

Secret Agent: License to Chill - Merry Xmas sign, snowballs, Christmas decorations, swimming pool, Christmas trees, satellite TV, computer, all seems well except for that gun wielding Christmas elf with access to pipe bombs and mines. Secret Agent: License to Chill - Merry Xmas sign, snowballs, Christmas decorations, swimming pool, Christmas trees, satellite TV, computer, all seems well except for that gun wielding Christmas elf with access to pipe bombs and mines.

A plan of your boss, assistant director Peeler, to win the elves' trust by approaching them wearing a Santa costume backfired terribly.  After parachuting to the ground you walked into a coastal defense post, shouting "Ho ho ho, merry Christmas my little friends!".  But the first elf you saw quickly ran inside and sounded the alarm.  You managed to take a quick glance of the site, however, and what you saw inside greatly worried you.  Instead of toys the elves were producing fantastical weaponry.  You recognized some from the games your nephews used to play.  "Damn elves." you thought, "They must be playing too many computer games."  Another thing you managed to see was a practice room, where elves trained in putting weapons in stockings and under Christmas trees.  "If they manage to distribute those weapons to kids all over the world all hell will break loose.  I'd better collect as many of the weapons as possible."  But what worried you the most were the robots and defense systems you encountered.  Instead of some new design, they looked almost exactly like the ones you encountered in earlier missions against D.V.S.  "If Dr. No Body memorized the blueprints for Robbie the robot and the likes, he might be able to construct the Red Rock Rover satellite, a weapon so powerful it is capable of destroying earth.  Could Dr. No Body be so clever he actually made a copy of the original blueprints?"

You now have a full view of the task ahead of you: stop the Christmas elves and Dr. No Body, collect as many weapons as you can, but be sure to get the blueprints of the Red Rock Rover satellite. You only have a license to chill on this mission.  That shouldn't be a problem as throwing snowballs both freezes enemies and short-circuits mechanical objects.  Now get going and ice those elves!

Secret Agent: License to Chill - So now we're guilty of copying game art as well. Secret Agent: License to Chill - So now we're guilty of copying game art as well.

Download Secret Agent: License to Chill here.
You also need the shareware version of Secret Agent, you can get it at Apogee.
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Tile Modifier
With Sammod you can decrypt all the tiles and sprites of Secret Agent and dump them in a Bmp file, so you can edit them with your favorite picture editing program.  When you're done, you can encrypt them again and play Secret Agent with your own graphics.  With this program our mod Secret Agent: License to Chill was made as well.

Download Sammod here, source code included.

Unused Pictures
An unused picture is game art that is inside the game files, but never shows up in the actual game.  Unused pictures are like fossils that give insight in the development of the game.

Using Sammod you can take a look in the graphics files and find all the unused pictures for yourself. Some of the more interesting ones are shown below.

In the file for tiles and sprites, SAM101.GFX, two fully animated precursors of the robot dog can be found. One is a simpler version of the final product, without wind up key and less lively. The other is a small frisky brown dog, it might have even been scrapped because it's just too cute to shoot. On the other hand, the small dog is the only kind that actually fits in the dog houses scattered throughout the levels.

Secret Agent - Pictures from "How to build cyborg dogs": a) Frisky dog, b) Mechanical exoskeleton, c) End result. Secret Agent - Pictures from "How to build cyborg dogs": a) Frisky dog, b) Mechanical exoskeleton, c) End result.

In the same file a handful of items can be found that are trial versions of items that appear in the game. Shown here are among other things is a pair of speed up shoes, they turn out to be pretty similar. The first version is a winged shoe like the ones Hermes, the messenger of the gods, are said to wear. The second version is a shoe with a swoosh usually attributed to Nike, goddess of victory. Agent 006 prefers Nike brand shoes. Next are two suitcases, a sturdy black one, and a brown schoolbag, oddly the latter is in the game. Then two blueprints are shown, an unclear white one, and an unclear blue one. Because of the name the second one was put in the game. The final item in the picture is presumably a bulletproof vest. It can be found in episode 3 of Secret Agent as a bonus item giving points. But interestingly there is also a smaller version in the status bar file (SAM102.GFX), which indicates it may have been originally planned to give an extra hit point or (temporary) invincibility.

Secret Agent - 'The shop' has lots in store. Secret Agent - 'The shop' has lots in store.

Other objects that are not in the game but can be found in the files are: a set of different laser beams for that ceiling tank, a stationary metallic pike much like the one protruding from the floor, a couple of different projectiles probably fired by the various robots, a simple file cabinet, a collectable letter F similar to ? for confusion and ½ for slow-motion. There might even be more, but I have yet to play all of the episodes.


B + O + N + DLevel warp
P + J + XGod mode
V + U + KGives you 25 ammo
Z + I + GDisk and dynamite

Here are the maps for all the levels of all three Secret Agent episodes.

You can download Sam1Lev here.
You can download Sam2Lev here.
You can download Sam3Lev here.

  • Apogee The creators of Secret Agent.


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