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Press T for Talk Mode, and type the following cheats.

capinmyassInvincibility (the confirmation is wrong)
nocapinmyassDisable invincibility (the confirmation wrong again)
i wanna be like kevinInvincibility (continues next levels)
mpkfaInvincibility (continues next levels)
voorhees30 seconds of invincibility
eva galliNo clipping
cousteau200 health
spork200 health
bunzAll weapons, ammo, and dual weapons
hongkongAll weapons and unlimited ammo
idahoAll weapons and ammo
lara croftAll weapons and unlimited ammo
montanaAll weapons, ammo and full inventory
griswoldFull armor
keymasterAll keys
satchelFull inventory
funky shoesJump boots
tequilaDual weapons
calgonLevel warp
marioLevel warp
spielbergWarp to a level and start recording a demo
gooniesShow entire map
rateShow frame rate and position
jojoYou're delirious (Spider 1 mode)
sternoI can see again! (Spider 2 mode)
edmarkHurt yourself
kevorkianPerform euthanasia
kruegerSpontaneous combustion
mcgeeSpontaneous combustion
cheeseheadProbably nothing
clariceProbably nothing
frankensteinProbably nothing
gatekeeperProbably nothing
liebermanProbably nothing

Blood - Anyone against me pressing the button? I can't hear you! Blood - Anyone against me pressing the button? I can't hear you!


Easter Eggs
In between the massacres Caleb shows a more gentle (or deranged?) side when he mumblingly sings classic crooner songs, such as Strangers in the Night, My Way and There's No Business, Like Show Business.  Just don't press any action buttons and be entertained by this walking arsenal as he poses as a Frank Sinatra or a Dean Martin.


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