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Gwext is an extractor for GateWorld.  It's gives you all the music files and other files that aren't very useful.

Download Gwext here. Source code included.

GateWorld - I don't think Homebrew Software got so many coins for this game GateWorld - I don't think Homebrew Software got that many coins for this game.


F10 + IFree items

I e-mailed Ken Rogoway from Homebrew Software for the rest of the cheats.  He had to look inside the source code, which he still has (!), to find this:
// Only if Ctrl-Alt-F10 was pressed before main menu
Then the other cheats will be enabled.  So start the game and before the main menu comes up press all three keys simultaneously.  This will be saved so you only have to do this once in a lifetime.

F10 + GGod mode
F10 + JJump cheat
F10 + WWarp to level (0 to 9 and A or B are valid)