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Grand Theft Auto

These cheats are entered as the name of your character.  Press Rename (Del) and type the code as the character name, you can press Reset (R) and type an additional code.

6031769Unlimited lives
buckfastPress * on numpad for all weapons
callmenigelPress * on numpad for all weapons
hate machineRaises multiplier (x10)
Heart of GoldAll cut scenes available
iamthelawNo police
itcouldbeyou999,999,999 points
itsgallusAll cities and chapters available
itstantrumUnlimited lives
porkcharsuiPress C for diagnosis mode
stevesmatesNo police
suckmyrocketAll weapons, get out of jail free card and armor (only at the start)
super wellAll cities and chapters available

GTA - Now that's a true classic! GTA - Now that's a true classic!