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Halloween Harry
Alien Carnage

Apogee Software, 1993

Halloween Harry is a run-jump-and-shoot game in which the player can't jump. Instead, Harry is equipped with a jetpack that allows him to fly. Harry also has a flamethrower and other weapons that he can use to dispose of zombies.

The first Halloween Harry game was released in 1985 for the Microbee System. It was a Halloween themed platform game with 13 screens. The Halloween Harry game that this page is focused on was released as shareware in 1993. In 1994 the name of this game was changed to Alien Carnage, because, unlike the name suggests, this game can also be played outside of the Halloween season. In 1996 the sequel Zombie Wars was released for Windows. And in 2007 Alien Carnage was released as freeware.

Hhxtract is an extractor for Halloween Harry.  It gives you the pictures, music and more. It does not work on Alien Carnage, you need Acxtract for that.  Look under the links section for a site where you can get that tool.

Download Hhxtract here.  Source code included.


For all versions of Halloween Harry and Alien Carnage:
CTRL + ALT + RIGHT SHIFT + F12Shows coordinates

Halloween Harry v1.1 only:
CTRL + R + E + NAll weapons, god mode and enables the following 2 cheats.

ALT + LLevel warp
ALT + =Change location. Use coordinates from the cheat above.

Alien Carnage only:
B + I + G Full health and jetpack power

Kill me, oh no, wrong game. Kill me, oh no, wrong game.