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Apogee Software, 1987

When Joe Siegler of Apogee Software released all the Kroz games as freeware in March 2009, he asked me if I could make some sense out of all the different Kroz games with all their different versions, different names for the same games and all the different distributors of the games.

He also asked me if I wanted to write a paragraph or two for the Readme.txt file that came with the freeware release, about me and Kroz, why I like Kroz and why I still care about a 22 year old text game. I thought it was a big honor for me to get my name in an official Apogee release so I said yes. Here's what I wrote for the freeware release of all the Kroz games:

"My first contact with Kroz was when I saw my brother playing it. I thought: 'What's this for an ugly game? How can this be any fun to play?' The first PC game I ever played was Secret Agent, so those bright and detailed 16 color graphics set the standard for me. My brother kept playing it so I guessed it must a fun game and I tried it myself. And guess what? When you get used to the graphics, it's a really entertaining game to play.

Each level fills almost the entire screen. This makes a level look small, but it takes longer than you think on first sight to complete a whole level.

Most of the time, at the start of a new level, there are a lot of enemies on the screen, but you don't have to whip them all. You can also lure them into breakable walls and both the enemy and the wall will disappear. This adds a strategic angle to the game. Another strategic angle is that you donít have to kill the enemies with you whip, you can also walk through them and lose health, but youíll keep whips that you might need later on to remove some walls.

To sum it all up, it's a real fun game when you donít mind the 22 year old text mode graphics.

Frenkel Smeijers

P.S. Oh, and in Kingdom of Kroz II, level 18, `Klose Enkounters of the Krazy Kubikal Kind!`-level touch the left- and bottommost tree for a little surprise :).'

Here are the maps of all the non-random levels of Caverns of Kroz, Dungeons of Kroz and Kingdom of Kroz. Included in this zip is the program that I used to view the levels.

Download KrozLev here, C source code included.

Caverns of Kroz
When the game asks you whether you are a Novice, an Experienced or an Advanced player, press X to start the game in Secret Mode, although I haven't found a difference between these four modes.

Dungeons of Kroz
When the game asks you whether you are a Novice, an Experienced or an Advanced player, press X to start the game in Secret Mode, which means that you'll start with 50 gems, instead of 10, 3 or 0 gems.

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