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Mega Man III

Here are all seven maps of Mega Man III. In the zip file, I've included the program that I wrote to create these maps. The program isn't fast, but it gets the job done. Also in this zip file I've included three other programs that will show you all the sprites, tiles and full screen images of Mega Man III. The zip also contains a short description of the file formats of the data files.

Download Megaman3stuff here, C source code included. Be sure to read the readme file for instructions on how to prepare the data files and get the programs to work.

What do you get when you add oil to a fire? Play Mega Man III and you'll know the answer!What do you get when you add oil to a fire?
Play Mega Man III and you'll know the answer!


Unused Pictures
In the last level of Mega Man III there is a sub-boss called CRORQ. It's a robot that is controlled by someone. Only the shadow of this driver is known. When you shoot this robot enough times it will disappear without showing who controlled this machine. But the data file (DOCBOT.VFR) does contain the image of the driver:

CRORQ and its driver.CRORQ and its driver.

Maybe my copy of Mega Man III is corrupted, but I haven't seen the following enemy in the game. In the data file of the last level (FCASTLE.ZSC) there is an enemy specified that doesn't show up in my copy. Is this the enemy that is supposed to appear in the last level?

A forklift and its driver.A forklift and its driver.


At the settings screen type in nd to enable invincibility mode. If you've done this right, the letter n appears after Start Game.

  • LZW Data Compression The data files of Mega Man III are compressed using the LZW compression algorithm. I used the source code that's on this page to decompress the files.