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Titus the Fox

Titus, 1991

Just like the movie Pirates of the Caribbean is based on a roller coaster, the game Moktar is based on a song.  In 1991 the French singer Lagaf had a huge hit called 'La Zoubida' in France.  The song is about the thief Moktar who takes a golden scooter and tries to get Zoubida to dance with him.  Lagaf is well known in France, but nobody knows him outside of France, so Titus changed the hero in Titus the Fox for the international market.

Look out, behind you! Look out, behind you!

Code Generator
Mokcod is a level code generator for (one version only) of Moktar.  You can't just write down the level codes and give them to your friends, because the level codes are different for every computer.  That's why I wrote a code generator.  It's one of my first programs that I wrote in assembly, so it's really small.

Download Mokcod here. Source code included.

Look out, behind you! Look out, behind you!


Easter Eggs
If you press left-CTRL + left-ALT + W (or Z on a AZERTY keyboard), you'll see some hidden credits.
If you press left-CTRL + left-ALT + E during the two words "game" and "over" scroll on screen, you'll see a nice photo of the creators of this game.
NOTE: These Easter eggs won't work in all versions of this game.