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Avoid the Noid

ShareData, 1989

Avoid the Noid is a platform game that was used to advertise Domino's Pizza. The player controls an acrobatic pizza delivery boy who has to deliver a pizza to the top of a skyscraper within 30 minutes. As the name implies, the player has to avoid the noids. Noids are little creatures that try to destroy pizzas. Other hazards include trapdoors, rockets and exploding telephones.

Avoid the Noid is a difficult game and it can be quiet frustrating, because you can't save and when you're dead you have to start all over again. Fortunately, I've found some cheats for this game that make it a bit easier to finish it...

Start the game with the parameter SYZYGY (e.g. NOID.EXE SYZYGY) to enable the following cheats:

ALT + KGet an extra key and 100 points
ALT + NGet an extra noid avoider
ALT + MGet an extra life
TRun the game extremely fast
FLose a life
CPause the game and remove all moving objects from the screen
ESCPause the game and advance one frame by pressing another key. Press ESC again to unpause the game.

Press a number between 0 and 9 to set the game speed, where 0 is the fastest and 9 is the slowest. This can be combined with the "Run the game extremely fast"-cheat.

On level 29, you may enter 000 as an access code, instead of the access code that changes every time you play this game.

The following hex cheats only work on Avoid the Noid version 1.1. This version is also known as the EGA version, although you can still play this version in CGA when you start the game with the parameter CGA. To determine which version you have, start the game with the parameter VERSION.
Edit NOID.EXE with a hex editor and change the following bytes:

Unlimited lifes:
Offset   0x2532
Original FF 0E 30 74
Patch    90 90 90 90

Unlimited noid avoiders:
Offset   0x3C83
Original FF 0E E6 78
Patch    90 90 90 90

Unlimited time:
Offset   0x9BCE
Original FF 0F 7C 03
Patch    90 90 90 90

Be aware that when you use the unlimited time cheat, the game will hang when you finish it. At the end of Avoid the Noid you'll get bonus points for every second that's still left. But with this cheat, you'll have infinitly many seconds left, so you'll get infinitly many points and this will never stop.

Although these aren't cheats, you can start the game with the parameter TESTJOY to test your joystick and when you start the game with the parameter STATUS you'll get some information about the memory usage of the game and other status information.

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