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Prehistorik 2

Sprite Dumper
Here is a sprite dumper that dumps all 460 sprites with 10 different palettes into 4600 BMP files.

Download Pre2SprD here, source code included.

Enter as password DEAD C0DE F00D followed by the level number you want to warp to. Note that the 0 in C0DE and F00D is the number zero. The level number should be entered in hexadecimal notation and 10 (or 000A in hexadecimal) should be added to the level number to play the level in expert mode. So level 2 in beginner mode is 0002 and level 2 in expert mode is 000C.

I love compliments. I love compliments.


Easter Eggs
If you press left-CTRL + left-ALT + W (or Z on a AZERTY keyboard), you'll see some hidden credits.
If you press left-CTRL + left-ALT + E when you've lost all your lifes, you'll see a nice photo of the creators of this game.

When you finish the game you'll see some messages from the creators. One of the messages is:

OUT 64, AL

This is the source code of a very small program written in assembly. When you assemble this, you'll get the program that you can download here. The name of the program should give you a clue on what it does.

Here's a video of me playing the first level of Prehistorik 2 while I'm cheating by using a trainer. But I do collect 100% of the items.

Prehistorik 2 Level 1 100%