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The Amazing Spider-Man

Play the game and get a high score. Enter as your name SPIDEY'S GONNA CHEAT! Now, when you play the game again, press Enter to get full health.

Polonaise! Polonaise!


Here's a walkthrough to finish this game really fast. On the first screen, Midnight, climb on the helicopter and fly up into the sky. Climb on the wall and jump over the gap. Now walk to the right to the next screen, Foyer.

Walk to the right and climb on the helicopter landing pad onto the next screen, Black Thunder.

Climb on the helicopter and fly into the air until you hear a specific sound. Now, when you exit the screen through the bottom you will be at the last screen of this game, Mysterio's End?

Get back on the helicopter in the Black Thunder screen. Fly into the air and jump to the left of the screen. Use your web-shooters to get to the very left end of the screen. Now stand straight.

When you did this all right, you'll fall down through the wall. Here you can finish off Mysterio and finish the game.

If this all is a bit unclear, here's a video on YouTube of someone else finishing The Amazing Spider-Man the fast way.