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Sudden Strike 2

Fireglow, 2002

The world war II real time strategy game Sudden Strike 2 has its merits. These mainly concern the realism of the game. There is no base building or unit training, each side has their own set of armored vehicles and artillery, and they all speak their respective languages well. It's fun to take over their tanks with your crewmen, or take over enemy artillery and bombard their positions with their own equipment. But there are times when the game loses its appeal. For instance:
  • It's nice that each unit of the warring countries says appropriate things (as far as I can tell). The German troops say things like "Bereit zum Angriff!" and "Loss, loss, loss!". The briefings on the other hand are done in a thick accent: "Make your vay to ze farms in ze norts and capture zem."
  • It's fun to have lots of different infantry types, like rifleman, submachine gunner, crew, engineer, sniper, medic, officer, etc. It's not so fun when you can only tell them apart by hovering your mouse over them.
  • It's fun to make paradrops with your own group of infantry. It's not so fun when the plane decides to move down the runway and mows down your group as they walk up to the plane.
  • And finally, it's not so fun when you need to find an enemy soldier you've apparently overlooked earlier and you have to comb out a large forest on the other side of the map and it takes half an hour to get there. Or worse, when the mission was to destroy a factory on the east bank of a river, and you have destroyed everything on the map only to find the game doesn't register your victory. In such a case it's best to remember *blitzkrieg*.

Sudden Strike 2 - Enemies killed 0, friendlies killed 46. Sudden Strike 2 - Enemies killed 0, friendlies killed 46.

Press Enter to go to message mode, then type one of the following:

English version:German version:
*blitzkrieg***blitzkriegInstant victory
*koenigstiger***koenigstigerInvincibility and increased attack
*omniscience***omniscienceRemove fog of war

Sudden Strike 2 - Where's the party at? Sudden Strike 2 - Where's the party at?



Fast defense

When the game is paused, you can not only scroll around the map, you can also order your troops around. This is especially helpful in the missions where you have to defend your base from invasion, and the enemy is already advancing. This way you should have enough time to set up your defenses.