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Thief: The Dark Project
The Dark Project

Thief 2: The Metal Age

Looking Glass, 1998, 2000

In the Thief series, you assume the role of Garrett, a cynical master thief in The City.  A place that is the shadowy battleground of three factions, the fanatical Hammerites, the animistic Pagans, and the secluded Keepers with whom Garrett has severed his ties.

The first two Thief games are a couple of original games utilizing a first person perspective. A mode that is commonly used in first person shooters, a genre often plagued with uninspired rehashes of shoot the bad guys.  Although on the surface the Thief games might seem typical shooters - to look at the world you must look past your weapon - your attitude should not be.

While an experienced quaker can probably finish the games with an aggressive style on the lower difficulty settings, the game is designed to be played like a careful, sneaky thief.  To this end, a couple of things are different from the norm.  Firstly, the game's protagonist is not like Rambo, except for his ability to blend in with his surroundings.  He is quite weak in open combat.  You can take out an unsuspecting guard with one shot, but an alerted guard is much harder to kill.  So it becomes important not to alert anyone, to keep quiet and stay out of sight, until an opportunity for a quick knockout presents itself.

Thief 2 - There is only one way to enjoy a game of black jack.... Thief 2 - There is only one way to enjoy a game of black jack....

The games are driven by a strong story line, which is presented subtly in diary fragments and overheard conversations and overtly in powerful mission briefings in style reminiscent of La Jetée (which just means that it is a powerful movie made up of stills and narration).

The differences between Thief 1 and 2 are minimal.  Although many of the enemies of Thief 1 do not make an appearance in Thief 2, the look and feel of the games are rather similar.  For games of such originality and quality this can hardly be considered a disadvantage.


Instant victory

To finish your current mission without much effort, press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-End (in that order).

Level Select Cheat

It's possible to start at a different mission than normal by editing user.cfg (or dark.cfg) in the Thief directory.  Add a line that says for example starting_mission 7.  When you start a new game, you'll start at level 7.

Money Cheat

It is also possible to give yourself some extra spending money.  This time add a line that says for example cash_bonus 8000 to user.cfg.  Now 8000 gold is added to your total in the shopping screen, but only once per start of the game.  When you need to get the bonus another time, save the game, exit to windows, restart Thief and reload your game.

Thief 2 - ... with company! Thief 2 - ... with company!

Thief 2 Cheats

In addition to the cheats listed above, in Thief 2 the following cheats also work, but you have to add cheats_active to user.cfg first.

Remove Locks

Adding the line lockcheat makes every door and chest in the level unlocked, so there's no need to carry keys anymore.

No Commandments

By adding the line nokillgoalcheat, you don't have to adhere to the "Don't kill any innocents." rules, to reach the next level.

More Commandments

When you want to have a harder time with the game, it's also possible to add more mission objectives.  The options are:
FailOnKill"Don't kill anyone."
failOnKO"Don't knock anyone out."
FailOnSee"Don't be seen."

Easter eggs

Team Quotes

Looking Glass has a tradition of putting a selection of funny quotes in their games as Easter Eggs.  Also, one of Thief's main designers, the famous Warren Spector, likes to put a basketball court in every one of his games.  In Thief 1 they are both hidden in the training mission.

To get to this place you have to start the training mission on the highest difficulty level - don't worry, it's still quite easy.  Right after you have sparred with the guard and he starts to leave, grab the key from the table and dash past him.  Now you are in the basketball court, the quotes are written on the bedroll that lies in the corner (read it like a scroll).

Blooper Mission

Thief Gold is an extended version of Thief 1.  In addition to a couple of extra regular levels, it also contains a special blooper level.  Some things you might find there are dancing zombies, walking chests, beta versions of some enemies, a funny picture of Garrett himself and all sorts of funny stuff.  The intro movie cracked me up especially.

How do you get to this blooper mission you ask?  Well, its number is 16 so make 16 the starting mission with the level select cheat mentioned above.