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Add-on Levels
Chagunitzu is a fun puzzle/action game by Keith Schuler, he made for Softdisk, just before he joined Apogee.

We now release our Chagunitzu expansion pack which we named Chag-Sfp-Roo.  A stupid name for this add-on, but still a very logical one.

The levels are much harder than the original levels, especially when you think you know the way around Chagunitzu this level pack may prove you wrong.  All rooms can be solved however.  To exit a room most of the time you just need to take an other road than in the original rooms.  Especially be aware of the existence of fake walls, and the warping ability of Alabama, just like Pac-Man's.  If you still can't solve the problem you can look at the level in either our level viewer or level editor which can both be downloaded below.

You can download Chag-Sfp-Roo here

Chag-Sfp-Roo, It doesn't look like much, but it is hard! Chag-Sfp-Roo, It doesn't look like much, but it is hard!


Level Editor
Chagedit is THE editor for Chagunitzu.  Now you can edit the rooms of Chagunitzu.  You can download Chagedit here

Source code and the file specifications for Chagunitzu and Paganitzu are included.

Chagedit, THE editor for Chagunitzu Chagedit, THE editor for Chagunitzu


Level Viewer
Frenkel's first program released on the internet is called Chagview.  It displays the rooms of Chagunitzu.  Because Chagedit can do that and much more it's only here for reference.  You can still download Chagview v1.1 here however.

Chagview v1.1, it's cool! Chagview v1.1, it's cool!


  • Softdisk The publisher of Chagunitzu.
  • Apogee The creator of Chagunitzu, Keith Schuler, works here now.  He made a sequel called Paganitzu.  Paganitzu is bigger, better, it works on fast computers and it has a much better story with cinematics.