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Heretic 2

Raven Software, 1998

In only 4 years after the first Heretic game, Raven has completed the 'Serpent Rider' trilogy and returned to the make a direct sequel to the first installment. But instead of a dull remake of the first game, they turned it into a fast-paced 3rd person action game.

Set years after the first game, the hero Corvus (indeed Latin for raven) returns to his homeland only to find it's people have become victim of a deadly plague. Well, not so much deadly for the diseased as for their relatives, because the patients are turned into ravenous flesh-eating zombies. As the only one healthy enough to save his people Corvus must set out on a journey across the lands of Parthoris to find a cure. Like any decent action vehicle, this story only serves to go to exotic places and slaughter the inhabitants with all kinds of colorful weapons.

The weapons are indeed colorful, a whole range of magical staves, bows and spells can be used; all beautifully rendered with the Quake 2 engine. The characters are animated nicely, and the gameplay is smooth, so smooth in fact the game is over far too quickly.

Heretic 2 - They call it Heretic because the monsters don't believe in Creationism. Heretic 2 - They call it Heretic because the monsters don't believe in Creationism.

First press tilde (~) to enter the console, then type the following:

angermonstersAngers all monsters (they run around and hunt you down)
aquaticapeNo target (depending on version)
crazymonstersBerserks all monsters (they run around and kill each other)
freezeworldFreezes world (including you)
give h (0-999)Number of health points given (depending on version)
killYou die
kiwiNo clipping
meatwagonKills all monsters that are currently in the level except bosses (watch out for any spawning monsters, because touching them will instantly kill you)
playbetterGod mode
showcoordsDisplay coordinates and camera angle
suckitdown allAll weapons, spells, items, and the silver armor
suckitdown armorSilver Armor (1x) Gold Armor (2x)
suckitdown chickenChicken mode
suckitdown health100 health
suckitdown lungsRefills oxygen bar when under water
suckitdown manaRefills offensive and defensive mana bars
suckitdown powerupInstant Tome of Power
suckitdown staffCycles the 3 staff levels
twoweeksInfinite Tome of Power
victorNo target or kills all monsters and bosses (depending on version)

Depending on your Heretic 2 version, the level select code is changelevel or map followed by the following map names:

tutorialHeretic II Training Level
tutorial2Heretic II Training Level
ssdocksSilverspring Docks
sswarehouseSilverspring Warehouses
sstownThe Town of Silverspring
sspalaceSilverspring Palace
dmireswampDarkmire Swamps
andhealerAndoria Healer's Tower
andplazaAndoria Plaza
andslumsAndoria Slums
andacademicAndoria Academic Quarters
kellcavesKell Caves
canyonKatlit'k Canyon
hive1K'Chekrik Hive
hive2K'Chekrik Hive 2
gauntletThe Gauntlet
hivetrialpitThe Trial Pit
hivepriestessLair of the Mothers
oglemine1Ogle Mines
oglemine2Ogle Mines 2
dungeonMorcalavin's Dungeon
cloudhubCloud Fortress
cloudquartersCloud Living Quarters
cloudlabsCloud Fortress Labs
cloudsanctumMorcalavin's Inner Sanctum

You can spawn items or monsters into the world by using spawn object, where object is one of the following:

Weapons and offensive spells:
item_weapon_magicmissileThunder Blast spell
item_weapon_redrain_bowStorm Bow
item_weapon_firewallFirewall spell
item_weapon_phoenixbowPhoenix Bow
item_weapon_sphereofannihilationSphere of Annihilation spell
item_weapon_maceballsIron Doom spell
Defensive spells:
item_defense_meteorbarrierMeteor Swarm defensive spell
item_defense_polymorphMorph Ovum defensive spell
item_defense_powerupNot quite the Tome of Power defensive spell (unused)
item_defense_ringofrepulsionRing of Repulsion defensive spell
item_defense_shieldLightning Shield defensive spell
item_defense_teleportTeleport defensive spell
Health potions:
item_health_fullHealth Potion
item_health_halfHealth Vial
Mana stones:
item_mana_combo_halfCombo Mana
item_mana_combo_quarterCombo Mana
item_mana_defensive_fullBig Defensive Mana
item_mana_defensive_halfSmall Defensive Mana
item_mana_offensive_fullBig Offensive Mana
item_mana_offensive_halfSmall Offensive Mana
Puzzle items:
item_puzzle_canyonkeyHive key
item_puzzle_cloudkeyFortress key
item_puzzle_cogCog piece
item_puzzle_crystalPiece of the Sea Crystal
item_puzzle_dungeonkeyDungeon key
item_puzzle_highpriestesssymbolT'Chekrik idol
item_puzzle_hive2amuletWarrior's amulet
item_puzzle_hive2gemT'Chekrik heart gem
item_puzzle_hive2spearSpear of the Warrior
item_puzzle_minecartwheelMine cart wheel
item_puzzle_oreUnrefined ore
item_puzzle_plazacontainerEmpty container
item_puzzle_potionVial of Potion
item_puzzle_refinedoreRefined ore
item_puzzle_shieldWarrior's Shield
item_puzzle_slumcontainerContainer full of Earthblood
item_puzzle_tavernkeyTavern key
item_puzzle_tomeTome of Power (inventory)
item_puzzle_townkeyTown key
Monsters: (there should be more though)
monster_assassinCaurthorian Assassin
monster_beeSome sort of flying insect (not used?)
monster_chickenChicken (they seem to die instantly)
monster_elflordCelestial Watcher (Boss)
monster_fishMyxini (spawning fish on land is pretty funny)
monster_impFlying and shooting pink cube (definitely not used)
monster_morcalavinMorcalavin (Final Boss)
monster_mssithraGiant Ssithra (Boss)
monster_plagueElfPlagued Sidhe
monster_seraph_guardBig Seraph Guard
monster_spreaderPlague Spreader
monster_ssithraSsithra Warrior

Heretic 2 - 'Now I know what it feels like to be God!' Heretic 2 - "Now I know what it feels like to be God!"




In the first part of the tutorial, every weapon and offensive spell except for the Iron Doom spell can be acquired. The the morph ovum and ring of repulsion defensive spells and a number of random shrines can also be found. To get these items, you've got to get higher up in the first chamber, e.g. by jumping on the barrels and from there onto the ledge. Now you can use these to make your fight with the training chicken even more unfair :).

The K'Chekrik Trial Pit

In this level there is also a room with lots of weapons and spells, but to get there you have to cheat. Use the kiwi cheat for no clipping and walk through the wall on the right of the arena.


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