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Jill of the Jungle

Epic MegaGames, 1992

Jill of the Jungle is a shareware side-scrolling platform game with beautiful graphics.  It's one of the first games that features a heroine, years before Lara Croft became popular!

Another nice feature of this game is that Jill can transform into other creatures like a bird, a frog and a fish.  Each animal has its own advantages like the bird can fly and the fish can swim.  This way you can go to places that are otherwise not accessible.

The creators of Jill of the Jungle thought that they created a really great game.  It shows from all the jokes about other games and their heroes retiring from the game industry because they can't compete with Jill.  Epic pokes fun at Super Mario, Commander Keen, Pac-Man and others.

I hate it when ants bug my picnic. I hate it when ants bug my picnic.

Hold X for a second and you'll get full health, a key and you'll be invincible against your enemies.