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Apogee, 1993

You play a diver who must find the treasures of the Barbarosa, a sunken pirate ship.  In search of those treasures you encounter the inhabitants of the Caribbean waters and pirate ghosts.

The story why this game was made is far more interesting than the story of the game itself:
Scott Miller of Apogee saw Catacomb 3D, an EGA texture-mapped 3D game created by id Software.  He wanted them to create a shareware 3D game for him, but id Software was still under contract by Softdisk.  So Scott made an agreement with Softdisk:  Apogee would make a game for Softdisk, so id Software could make a game for Apogee.  Apogee's game for Softdisk was ScubaVenture and id Software's game for Apogee was Wolfenstein 3D.  A great deal if you ask me.

ScubaVenture - That sleeper fish sleeps with the fishes. ScubaVenture - That sleeper fish sleeps with the fishes.

F10 + F9 + WLevel warp
F10 + F9 + GFull health and full oxygen
F10 + F9 + MShow available memory

Copied Art
<!> Warning, contains spoiler.  Click on the picture for a bigger size.

Secret Agent Episode 2 - Ending screen Secret Agent Episode 2 - Ending screen


ScubaVenture  - Opening screen ScubaVenture - Opening screen

I think don't think it's a big copyright problem, because both games are made by the same company.
  • Szevvy's little corner of WWW He created Wombat Game Tools with help from me. It includes editing tools for ScubaVenture.
  • Apogee The creators of ScubaVenture.
  • Softdisk The publishers of ScubaVenture.
  • Gerald Lindsly A creator of ScubaVenture. He posted some source code of ScubaVenture on his site.