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Guestbook 2005

Welcome to our guestbook.
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Fri Dec 30 10:56:10 2005
Name:  bara
E-mail address:  baraka.adjivon@wanadoo.fr
Country:  france
Favorite game:  streetball paragon
Comments:  que dois faire pour downloder ce jeu.je l'avais depuis des annees et je l'ai perdu entre temps. que dois faire ?

Wed Sep 28 7:14:17 2005
Name:  milly
E-mail address:  milly_g1@hotmail.com
Comments:  please send me the download link/s for Word Rescue parts 2 and/or 3. i already have part 1 and i havent played this game in YEARS!!!!! if anyone has parts 2 & 3 please email me the links or send them to me asap, that would be awesome, cheers!! :D

Tue Aug 30 23:42:59 2005
Name:  Frank Smith
E-mail address:  fsmith5@stny.rr.com
Country:  usa
Favorite game:  all commander keen games
Comments:  i can't get into keen6 game. it ask for the names of the monsters. i don't know them (sorry). can you help me?

Tue Aug 16 8:46:58 2005
Name:  Master P
Country:  Holland
Favorite game:  Redcat
Comments:  Hey beste gamer,
Ik heb redcat voor mn neefjes gedownload, maar als ik het zip-filetje heb geunzipt en ik klik op Rcext instaleerd hij hem nie, Hoe moet ik het wel goed doen?
Collega gamer

Sat Aug 13 13:37:10 2005
Name:  Cerberus_e
Homepage:  http://www.rootshell.be/~cerberus
Country:  Belgium (flanders)
Favorite game:  everything with Scott Miller, George Broussard or John Carmack in the credits :) if I have to choose: Doom 3
Comments:  Hi, it's me from 3DRUBB ;)
that's a cool site you've got, what is it about.... old apogee & iD games (with here and there some others)? your website lacks catacombs 3D in that case :)
it's also cool to see this website lists rare games like slordax... I played this game yesterday in dosbox :) it also runs on my win98 computer. why did you mail john romero for this? I thought the game was made by john carmack.
a few questions:
- I see there is Catacomb and The Catacomb... how come? I only have "catacomb".
- are you only a retro gamer? you don't play new games?
- now where is duke3D? ;)
- with hovertank 3D, when I start the game, it asks if I want to play a level from 1-4.... I thought there were 20 levels? and you can't even save a game, as far as I know and remember
oh yeah, before I forget: "groeten van Cerberus" ;)

Mon Jul 25 23:58:49 2005
Name:  aba
E-mail address:  aba@yahoo.com
Country:  owerri
Comments:  i love this page.

Tue Jul 5 23:51:41 2005
Name:  Nadia
E-mail address:  hockey_gurl_2_4_8@hotmail.com
Favorite game:  DOOM # one and only one
Comments:  Trying to get doom was very hard to do the only thing that would pop up was ....... Duke now don't get me wrong Duke is a good game to play but i would rather play Doom even tho' there the same thing i still say Doom is much much better

Sun May 29 8:07:36 2005
Name:  eli
Country:  gypsie with the dark carnival
Favorite game:  oregon trail solitare
Comments:  sight cool wish you had downloads of wolfenstein its a favorite from the past

Fri May 27 17:44:12 2005
Name:  Simranjit Kaur
E-mail address:  simran@fsmmail.net
Comments:  please can i play dangerous dave on here because i love that game please would and send it me :)

Fri May 20 21:07:30 2005
Name:  Frank Rizzo
E-mail address:  frankrizzo672003@yahoo.com
Homepage:  http://www.419zeros.com
Country:  Canada
Favorite game:  I can't decide!
Comments:  Sweet site! Keep up the awesome job!!

Sun Apr 24 10:46:47 2005
Name:  Nyiergik Grulkolfwup
E-mail address:  volcabbage@cs.com OR IS IT
Homepage:  http://bimshwel.tripod.com
Country:  United Statonia
Favorite game:  quite honestly, I think most of them are awful. the website is pretty, though.
Comments:  There aren't any Frenkels around here. I like that much better than "Franklin."

Tue Apr 12 1:23:05 2005
Name:  klarina
E-mail address:  kirby@vic.australis.com.au
Country:  Australia
Favorite game:  ?
Comments:  I really want to get crystal caves back it was a fantastic game for people all ages even I could play it without dying and I'm not really that good at computer games

Tue Mar 1 8:27:23 2005
Name:  Nancy J
E-mail address:  nann3rz@hotmail.com
Country:  Canada
Favorite game:  Any Mario game :p (esp. super mario and yoshi's island)
Comments:  hi! well.. tonight i've been trying to figure out my fav pc game of... 96.. honestly i thought it was 94 but i found out it was 96.. but Death Rally.. but dont get me wrong, i was a duke nukem fan, my dad would always play. and i would always watch.. but too scarey lol. but i was always down for duke!! BUT, death rally is an awesome pc game.. and i've been trying to remember the name! and finally i found it. thanks to you-- :D
So just wanted to say Thank you :p and for the cheats! never knew about the cheats!!
ahhhh well, thank you again :)
ps- Quake 2 quake is awesome... well quake 3 is more my thing.. its not scarey playing against people :?
bye :)

Thu Feb 24 2:42:51 2005
Name:  robyn choate
E-mail address:  robyn020@centretel.net
Country:  north america
Favorite game:  spitwad willy
Comments:  Please send me this game its one of my most favorite games and i cant find it anywhere so i thaught i could get it here thanks bye.'

Sun Jan 23 5:04:54 2005
Name:  G. Laas
E-mail address:  gltink@sbcglobal.net
Favorite game:  a bunch of the old Apogee games
Comments:  I was seriously ill some 10 yrs ago and had been given some "new" games for my computer as I also had some serious chest surgery at that time also and could only move my arms from the elbow down in a vertical movement. Duke, the Crystal Cave guy, and Bio really helped me pass the day when I wasn't reading. I am going to be 70 this year and I still love those simple, easy, funny, delightlful little games. Thanks for the entertainment. Unfortunately I cannot run the DOS based ones on these big new computers but I sitll love them and look for similar ones.

Sat Jan 8 18:12:53 2005
Name:  heidi
Comments:  ;)Murphy;)CatacombAlClydeMouseCatacombAlAlClydeCosmo$Death Rally MushroomEnd of TextEnd of TextEnd of TextEnd of Text

Sat Jan 8 18:11:43 2005
Name:  heidi
Comments:  ;)Murphy;)CatacombAlClydeMouse

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