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Guestbook 2006

Welcome to our guestbook.
If you have a minute, please sign our guestbook too!

Thu Nov 2 11:25:23 2006
Name:  Ro@m
E-mail address:  darion696@gmail.com
Homepage:  http://mojforum.org/phpBB2/dynebolic/index.php
Country:  Croatia
Comments:  Hi frenkel!how's it going? visit some time www.dosgames.com/forum !!;);):):)

Tue Jul 25 17:44:01 2006
Name:  Jack Hass
E-mail address:  JHass@hushmail.com
Country:  USA
Comments:  Go Gaming!

Tue Jul 25 17:43:13 2006
Name:  Mandy Maguire
E-mail address:  wckdwitch@googlemail.com
Comments:  Nice Site:p

Mon Apr 24 10:16:01 2006
Name:  Mr Mugu
E-mail address:  lome_mugu@yahoo.com
Country:  lome
Favorite game:  game
Comments:  Mugu please keep of i have throwen here one by one thanks it very nice.

Sat Apr 22 4:59:40 2006
Name:  Donald
E-mail address:  UncleJasper@netscape.com
Country:  USA
Favorite game:  Comander Keen 3.5
Comments:  DopefishKeen

Mon Apr 10 19:48:28 2006
Name:  Father Tosser
E-mail address:  churchofonan@gmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.churchofonan.de
Country:  Germany
Favorite game:  Onan`s Journey
Comments:  Nice side

Thu Mar 23 19:02:41 2006
Name:  arendaambei
E-mail address:  arendaambei@gmail.com
Comments:  arendaambei@gmail.com
cool site!

Wed Feb 22 16:49:44 2006
Name:  Pauk
E-mail address:  primaxyes@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.paul-electro.nl
Country:  Nederland
Favorite game:  Mijn eigen maken natuurlijk.
Comments:  Kan iemand mij vertellen hoe ik in godsnaam eeen programma kan vinden waarmee redcat 2 is gemaakt ik moet et weten en frenkel van deze website heefft ook geen antwoord geven.
Can some 1 tell me where the hell i can download the program that has been used to make redcat II. I have no id what the name is of the program.

Mon Feb 20 21:19:37 2006
Name:  SektorZ
Homepage:  http://sektorz.hit.bg
Country:  Bulgaria
Favorite game:  DDave, CKeen, Lotus, Test Drive, Pop, ect...
Comments:  Great website! I love seeing sites like this one, which arent too much... so yeah, great job. By the way, I like remaking some of my favorite DOS games, check my website. =] Keep it up!

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