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Guestbook 2004

Welcome to our guestbook.
If you have a minute, please sign our guestbook too!

Wed Dec 29 15:18:39 2004
Name:  Kingnufn
E-mail address:  optional@optional.org
Country:  USA
Favorite game:  Pong (Black and White) Not!
Comments:  Mel and Peter you are dumbasses. Howling Mad This site is for cheats and mods. Dopefish

Tue Dec 28 16:23:23 2004
Name:  doomer673
Comments:  I know a runescape hack that actually works! just go to www.runescapehackx.tk and see what to do, ive got rich in a couple of days! i now have 1000 santa hats, over 500 million gp and a lot of rune gold trimmed stuff!!!! this is no scam, i am now the richest person in the game!
It really works!! :):):):):):):)

Sat Dec 18 15:51:29 2004
Name:  Rob
E-mail address:  Rob_Wijkstra@hotmail.com
Comments:  Great site, these games brings back a lot of memories. :) But how have you guys been able to extract hidden data in games like those animations in Duke Nukum? Are you guys for instance capable of editing 'Test Drive III'? I would love to see some kind of editor of that game. :)

Sun Nov 28 15:54:23 2004
Name:  Ocean
E-mail address:  lil_baby_fretard@hotmail.com
Comments:  hi i tried downloading this game three times and it won't open properly all I want to do is play the game so can u contact be back on how I can just play the game because it doesn't work when I download it!

Wed Nov 17 7:11:59 2004
Name:  Sheryl Della-Rose
Favorite game:  Myst
Comments:  Rolling EyesWorm

Fri Oct 29 16:27:54 2004
Name:  Renier Vermaak
E-mail address:  mj.vermaak@home.nl
Country:  Nederland
Favorite game:  Sensible Soccer of course
Comments:  Hoi, leuke site en een fantastisch onderwerp natuurlijk! Dosgames never die! groeten uit Zwolle

Wed Sep 29 3:56:32 2004
Name:  JD Carroll
E-mail address:  morethanjustadonut@yahoo.com
Country:  USA
Favorite game:  halo/ GTA 3 vice city
Comments:  Hey, Great site guys! The only place woth more than a sentence on corridor 7. chill. Start fencing (the sport). Fencing Good!

Sun Sep 19 15:07:55 2004
Name:  alex
E-mail address:  alex@hallo.de
Country:  germany
Favorite game:  doom3
Comments:  good

Thu Sep 16 0:14:13 2004
Name:  FliN
E-mail address:  FliN.GS@Gmail.com
Favorite game:  Full Version Games - Not Upgrades!
Comments:  Hey there, i came to this site from google.com to TRY and get the FULL version of Doom. When you go to the Doom downloads page it comes up with Duke... We would like to see some full version games on this site and not upgrades. If you are thinking this site will turn into a warez (ileagal) site, then you are wrong. I can freely download the first version ever made of Grand Theft Auto from the org companys offical web-site.
Please upload the full versions of old games...

Wed Sep 8 17:38:03 2004
Name:  Potop Rares G
E-mail address:  Potupraresg@hotmail.com
Country:  Romania
Favorite game:  Doom 3
Comments:  I love Catalina and Ana-Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to kiss you,girls!

Sat Sep 4 6:25:54 2004
Name:  Mess
Country:  USA
Comments:  Hi all! I like this site!

Wed Aug 25 9:44:45 2004
Name:  I Nyoman
E-mail address:  thekunti@yahoo.com
Country:  Indonesia
Comments:  I like your website; I will come again sometime.

Wed Aug 25 5:58:40 2004
Name:  agu
E-mail address:  mumu@maga.com
Country:  lome
Favorite game:  togo
Comments:  i dey oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Fri Aug 20 6:48:31 2004
Name:  Ro@m
Homepage:  http://www.dosgames.com\forum
Country:  Croatia
Comments:  kewl site;),Hy frenkel remember me from DGF?

Mon Aug 16 9:56:08 2004
Name:  McFire (the old one)
E-mail address:  a.zirm@gmx.de
Homepage:  http://www.azilonien.gmxhome.de
Country:  Germany
Favorite game:  B.M.1-3/P.War/Kenn/Jill 1-3 and so on
Comments:  Nice Site, good optic (I'm temp'd to steal :)) And a lot'f information. Simply continue. McF.

Mon Aug 2 7:25:17 2004
Name:  Steve Chris
E-mail address:  laughinggames@yahoo.com
Homepage:  http://www.laughinggames.s5.com/
Country:  India
Favorite game:  Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros.3, Zelda, Kirby's Adventure, Tetris, Doom, Dave, Charlie the Duck-2,
Comments:  Cool site! Keep up the good work! ;)

Fri Jul 30 18:22:45 2004
Name:  KBW (Mishran)
E-mail address:  corridor7@tripod.com
Homepage:  http://corridor7.tripod.com/
Country:  USA
Favorite game:  Corridor 7
Comments:  Just checking out your site. Very nice!

Fri Jul 30 4:51:19 2004
Name:  Zoppini
Country:  USA
Comments:  Your site is greate!

Fri Jul 23 10:02:06 2004
Name:  jamen
Comments:  I hate stupid websites like this that when you press back on internet explorer it reloads the same site over an over !

Thu Jul 1 21:41:58 2004
Name:  mugu
E-mail address:  mugu@juno.com
Country:  lome togo
Favorite game:  games
Comments:  guy men keep off oooooooooooooooooo

Tue Jun 22 0:59:14 2004
Name:  eddie
E-mail address:  eddie@aol.com
Country:  the best
Favorite game:  dude there's only 1 number 1 and it's runescape!!!!!!!!!!
Comments:  if you play this game you will never be able to get off

Fri Jun 18 22:24:44 2004
Name:  Disturbin' Tha Peace
E-mail address:  jjtublear@hotmail.com
Country:  USA
Favorite game:  ---Too many to decide on---
Comments:  Sup, It's DTP. Good site, for a second I thought that you guys were really a company for creating games or something.

Thu Jun 3 22:02:33 2004
Name:  Sean
E-mail address:  sean_reed@aetrade.net
Comments:  Nice site!

Wed May 19 16:12:54 2004
Name:  Joe Seed
E-mail address:  joepass@peppo.com
Country:  United States
Comments:  I like spam.

Sat Apr 3 18:38:44 2004
Name:  Paul Betcke
E-mail address:  p.e.betcke@planet.nl
Country:  the Netherlands
Favorite game:  Wacky Wheels
Comments:  I thought I downloaded Wacky Wheels a game where I formely have great fun with but because it was a Dos game the latest windowversion did not support the game. Now I only get wextract whatever that may be. It does not do anything. I have windows XP perhaps that is why. In Holland have a saying : to make some one happy with a dead sparrow
reetings from a disappointed downloader

Fri Apr 2 13:54:02 2004
Name:  ryan velasquez
E-mail address:  ryanvv1980@yahoo.com
Favorite game:  keen,wolfenstein 3d
Comments:  keen is the best games

Fri Mar 5 14:05:58 2004
Name:  dans sweet page
E-mail address:  contact@nothere.ch
Homepage:  http://www.daniel.stalder.ch
Country:  dans sweet page
Favorite game:  dans sweet page
Comments:  I like your Page! Check out mine too! http://www.daniel.stalder.ch

Sun Feb 22 14:53:10 2004
Name:  Georges
E-mail address:  crystalcaveswebsite@yahoo.com
Homepage:  http://www.geocities.com/crystalcaveswebsite
Country:  Lebanon
Favorite game:  Crystal Caves, Prince of Persia ...
Comments:  Great Website and great job Keep Working on it ;)

Sat Feb 21 5:00:31 2004
Name:  olivia
E-mail address:  Alicia@olimpic controles.ca
Country:  canada
Favorite game:  math rescue
Comments:  nothing

Thu Feb 12 13:28:53 2004
Name:  Onjo
E-mail address:  tim@poolen.nl
Country:  Neuderlaand
Favorite game:  Sega Rally II
Comments:  Hoe kom ik gratis aan Rescue Rover II? Dat spel is nu al zo oud dat ik daar niet meer voor wil betalen. Hoe is het eigenlijk op de T.U.? En waarom heb voor je Eindhoven gekozen?

Sat Jan 24 19:54:57 2004
Name:  J3553
E-mail address:  coke_n_bananas@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://don'thaveonebutmightgetone.com
Country:  Canada
Favorite game:  Runescape o yeah my name is flin flon,c u r l s and fighttodeath
Comments:  I think u should get some cheat for runescape

Sat Jan 24 19:51:06 2004
Name:  Pocha
E-mail address:  coke_n_bananas@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.baddgerbaddgerbaddger.com
Country:  Canada
Favorite game:  Runescape
Comments:  I really fink dat u should more cheats in for online game

Thu Jan 15 04:17:04 2004
Name:  Pyro
Country:  Canada
Favorite game:  Zelda 64
Comments:  Co0l site man!! I love old games cause they r so fun

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