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Guestbook 2002

Welcome to our guestbook.
If you have a minute, please sign our guestbook too!

Monday, 30-Dec-2002 13:20:44
Name:  peter
Country:  usa
Comments:  how do u down load from here

Monday, 30-Dec-2002 05:17:28
Name:  Mel
Country:  Australia
Favorite Game:  i wanted to get dangerours dave
Comments:  Hey well i am not much of an internet person but i know how to do some stuff, but i dont have a clue how to download games from your site. Maybe you could make it a little eaiser. Thanks

Friday, 20-Dec-2002 05:24:44
Name:  Prince_Chris
Favorite Game:  Heroes:The Tantalizing Trio and Gladiator
Comments:  Hey guys I downloaded Wexectract for Wacky wheels and I can't figure out how to change or edit an sp file of voc file! Does anybody know? Rolling Eyes

Friday, 13-Dec-2002 18:56:54
Name:  Billy Again
Country:  US fuckin A
Favorite Game:  Broodwar and Diablo 2
Comments:  Sorry i fucked up on the last signing. This sight still sucks.

Ninja this looks like a monkey and i should know cause my schools full of em.

Friday, 13-Dec-2002 18:48:13
Name:  Billy Again
Country:  US fuckin A
Favorite Game:  Broodwar and Diablo 2

Sunday, 08-Dec-2002 04:35:22
Name:  roshan
E-mail Address:  satyanam@yahoo.com
Country:  grenada
Favorite Game:  slordax
Comments:  is there a way i can dlownload slordax to work on my pc??
where can i get it?

Saturday, 30-Nov-2002 20:14:33
Name:  Rogério Korosi
Country:  Brazil
Favorite Game:  Doom, Duke Nuku(e)m, Sgens
Comments:  Great work! Go on!

Download full warez in www.abandonware-fr.com!

Monday, 18-Nov-2002 22:00:28
Name:  susanne
E-mail Address:  cuty_girly17@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://internet.clubs.nl/dollzshow
Country:  netherlands
Favorite Game:  Doom, Quake The Sims
Comments:  I don't get it, if you go to Doom you are by Duke Nukem.
How does it comes?? Grmbl Grmbl Catacomb

Friday, 08-Nov-2002 19:55:13
Favorite Game:  Full Versions
Comments:  Why dHowling Madnt yRolling Eyesu give the hacked versi8ons of CCoolmmander Keen ShMurphyMurphyting Slugs and becKeenme DDopefishpefish!

Monday, 07-Oct-2002 21:11:57
Name:  Lennard Sprong
E-mail Address:  burpsoft@planet.nl
Country:  Netherlands
Favorite Game:  Commander Keen
Comments:  Great site never seen such good hack applications before
End of Text

Wednesday, 02-Oct-2002 10:39:28
Name:  Poag

Thursday, 26-Sep-2002 10:18:35
Name:  Jonathan Arthur
E-mail Address:  mejobloggs@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.bloggsworld.tk/
Country:  New Zealand
Favorite Game:  (favourite old game) Wacky Wheels and Cosmo
Comments:  Cosmo Murphy Worm

Great site! I like the symbol thing

Wednesday, 11-Sep-2002 05:58:27
Name:  random ebola
Comments:  you shit in my pants!!! give me the fuking complete arkanoid II download. thou bastards!!!!

Wednesday, 11-Sep-2002 00:04:02
Name:  Lenzi-Benzi
E-mail Address:  Mongo@gmx.de
Homepage:  http://www.mongo-monte-von-zott.de/
Country:  Dönerland
Favorite Game:  Dave
Comments:  Tolle Honpage. Komm ich jetzt ins Fernsehen? End of Text

Friday, 16-Aug-2002 23:47:39
Name:  talhajawad
E-mail Address:  talhajawad@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.geocities.com/amanullahbabar
Country:  pakistan
Favorite Game:  cricket
Comments:  :D

Thursday, 18-Jul-2002 19:04:39
Name:  thugone
E-mail Address:  undeadwarrior51@hotmail.com
Country:  holland
Favorite Game:  duke nukem , blood & Shadow Warrior
Comments:  Yo does anyone now how you extract mni and imf files to bitmaps.....please ...e-mail me --> undeadwarrior51@hotmail.com........please!!

Tuesday, 16-Jul-2002 19:44:49
Name:  thugone
E-mail Address:  undeadwarrior51@hotmail.com
Homepage:  site
Country:  netherlands
Favorite Game:  duke nukem and shadow warrior ,blood
Comments:  what's up !!!!!Does any one now how the extractor from duke 2 and cosmo comic work can someone tell me how e-mail me thanks......

Wednesday, 10-Jul-2002 12:53:30
Name:  Danielle
Country:  Nederland
Favorite Game:  Tomb Raider 2, TR Chronicles, Commander Keen!
Comments:  Good site, I like him. I'm going to use the cheats because they're handy. I hope there's coming more Cool Cosmo Keen

Thursday, 20-Jun-2002 21:50:19
Name:  Kim Sears
E-mail Address:  res0we9u@verizon.net
Homepage:  http://none/
Country:  US
Favorite Game:  Any Keen Games And Duke Nukum
Comments:  Your Site was Awesome.
Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!

Tuesday, 28-May-2002 16:29:50
Name:  chris
E-mail Address:  soulknot@gmx.de
Country:  germany
Favorite Game:  commander keen :D
Comments:  Hi! Great page you have. I did not knew that there are cheats for commander keen. Thanks! :D

Wednesday, 08-May-2002 12:50:02
Name:  Daniel
E-mail Address:  cheater9999@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://c9999.5u.com/
Country:  The Netherlands
Favorite Game:  Doom 2
Comments:  I have a question: How Do you install Duke?

Thursday, 28-Mar-2002 20:05:51
Name:  r sargent
E-mail Address:  rodneysargent@hotmail.com
Country:  usa
Favorite Game:  commander keen
Comments:  you have a great site .thanks to you for all your input to this game so others can edit it and play . thanks again . great job

Tuesday, 26-Feb-2002 22:39:58
Name:  Frenkel
E-mail Address:  frenkel_smeijers@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.angelfire.com/de/frenkel
Country:  land
Favorite Game:  Block 5
Comments:  It's my birthday!

I'm 17 years old now.

Great site! :)
I especially like those cool programs by Frenkel :)

Tuesday, 26-Feb-2002 00:13:46
Name:  Sander
E-mail Address:  a.f.smeijers@student.tue.nl
Homepage:  http://www.sfprod.tk/
Country:  The Netherlands
Favorite Game:  Starcraft Broodwar
Comments:  This is actually a test message, but I'll try to put at least some decent sentences in this box.

The reason for this page is that you, our loyal visitor, can praise us ;). I'll quote some appreciating e-mail that certain game developers have sent to us, to show you what we really like to hear. ;)

"Great site.

- John Romero"


"Aloha from Maui,

This is Karen Crowther here (I got married -
that's why Chun). Nice page on Pickle Wars.
Anyway, Pickle Wars was my favorite game. It was
an underground classic with the other game
developers but never made much money -- I think
some of the sarcasm went over the heads of some
players. ;-)

take care,

Karen (Crowther) Chun
Redwood Games"

But seriously, you can write anything here.

Now let me see if this image thing works ...

End of text

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