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Guestbook 2003

Welcome to our guestbook.
If you have a minute, please sign our guestbook too!

Monday, 29-Dec-2003 14:11:17
Name:  Roswell_r
E-mail Address:  justemailedu@frenklenathomail.com
Country:  Australia
Favorite Game:  PARAGON!
Comments:  You must provide me a link to this game or send it to me YOU MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on anyone got this Kick ass! game im dying of playing it i haven't played it in 12 years.Ball

Friday, 26-Dec-2003 22:19:08
Name:  keeper
E-mail Address:  lamer@braila.astral.ro
Homepage:  http://thejunkyard.mediasite.de/
Country:  Romania
Favorite Game:  Quake
Comments:  Great site. Keep it up!

Saturday, 06-Dec-2003 03:43:18
Name:  Karen Crowther
E-mail Address:  Karen@RedwoodGames.com
Homepage:  http://redwoodgames.com/
Country:  USA
Favorite Game:  Keen games
Comments:  Thanks for creating the sndplayer. My customers were asking for help playing music in Math Rescue, Word Rescue and Pickle Wars.

I'll post a link to it on RedwoodGames.com and post PW.8 on my site so people don't have to go through the extra step of uncompiling the libraries. If you'd like to copy it here, that would be fine. It's been so long, I can't remember what that file is so I can't remember if there is a different file in the other episodes.

This is a cool site with all my favorite oldies.

Thanks again,
Karen @ Redwood Games

P.S. If anyone sees the full versons anywhere but Apogee and Redwood Games, please drop me a line...I'm still putting 3 kids through college and would rather people registered with me!


Wednesday, 26-Nov-2003 07:49:14
Name:  rebecca kim
E-mail Address:  rebecca92hj@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.geocities.com/i_luv_ma_family
Country:  korea
Favorite Game:  keen4
Comments:  i WANT TO DOWNLOAD KEEN 4 IT SUCKS if u cant get KEEN4 Howling Mad

Monday, 10-Nov-2003 17:46:37
Name:  JESP3R
Favorite Game:  Spear of Destiny
Comments:  Quake Great site with many good stuff

Saturday, 08-Nov-2003 18:48:13
Name:  muguik
E-mail Address:  mugu@guy.com
Homepage:  http://hlm/
Country:  lome
Favorite Game:  nice
Comments:  mugu mugu mugu mugukeep offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 00000000000000000000000000000000

Thursday, 06-Nov-2003 22:23:07
Name:  James Pumape
E-mail Address:  216382@schools.mybps.org
Homepage:  http://techboston.org/
Country:  United States
Favorite Game:  Starcraft, Counter Strike, Medal Of Honor, RPG'S, RTS'S, FPS'S
Comments:  I loooooooooooove StarCraft can't get enough of it even though it's so old. Wraith Ninja GTA Cop Warcraft Orc Grunt Worm Howling Mad Cool

Tuesday, 26-Aug-2003 09:55:44
Name:  Markus
E-mail Address:  metalheadrosing@web.de
Country:  Germany
Favorite Game:  Doom, Commander Keen 6, Jazz Jack Rabbit, Bio Menace, Lemmings, Duke Nukem 3D, ...
Comments:  Great Page!

Older Games fuckin' rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Duke Nukem 3D

Monday, 23-Jun-2003 04:55:36
Name:  Joe
E-mail Address:  Joepaton@smileyface.com
Country:  Australia
Favorite Game:  keen 3
Comments:  sweet site!
my fav part is that you have keen maps.
I`ve been looking keen .bmp files for ages so I could make
keen coursors and icons. & Now I`ve made lost
Thanks a million from Joe Downunder Keen Duke Nukum Dopefish Cosmo Chip Al Warcraft Orc Grunt

Saturday, 21-Jun-2003 01:36:19
Name:  Zero X. Diamond
E-mail Address:  Zero_Diamond@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.zxdware.net/
Country:  USA
Favorite Game:  Always changing...
Comments:  Great jumping Jesus, thank you for making that extractor for Duke Nukem 2! I've always wanted to have the IMF files out of it. There's a couple other things I'm wondering about though, maybe you could drop me a line about these...

1) Will you ever make a program that you can extract sprite images from either Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion, Duke Nukem 2 or Bio Menace? Any of these would help me immensely.

2) You guys happen to have copies of the Bio Menace maps without the little icons all over?

So yeah, thanks.

End of Text

Tuesday, 10-Jun-2003 20:03:54
Homepage:  http://cangaru.no.sapo.pt/
Country:  Portugal - pt
Favorite Game:  Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
Comments:  Cosmo Rolling EyesVisit my page.
I love the Apogee games Dopefish. I'm portuguese...
Bye!!! Catacomb End of Text

Tuesday, 06-May-2003 12:17:21
Name:  Chris Chokan
E-mail Address:  choksta@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://come.to/chokage
Country:  Canada
Favorite Game:  Wolfenstein 3d, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem 3d, Doom
Comments:  Cool page Frankel! I never even knew Bill Kirby had a site until I checked out your links. What are your favorites episodes in these games? Mine are 1, 3 and 6 (for Keen), 2 and 6 (for Wolf3d), and Final Doom TNT.

Love the icons on your desktop man! It's been ages since I played games like Clyde's Adventures and Catacomb Abyss; but these little dudes have really got me eager to dig through these classic puppies again. Clyde Catacomb Cosmo

Stay cool dude! :) Rolling Eyes :s :s ;) Dopefish Duke Nukum

Monday, 14-Apr-2003 16:27:23
Name:  Peer Guent
E-mail Address:  pg85647@msn.de
Homepage:  http://www.schnell-kommen.com/
Comments:  The net is a wonderful place and I wanted to thank you for the infos I got here.

Sunday, 13-Apr-2003 19:02:41
Name:  fly
E-mail Address:  benjamin.law3@btopenworld.com
Country:  U.K
Favorite Game:  doom
Comments:  i think u should put all the doom versoins on the internet
so peoplecan download them but only if they know the password which u can e-mail 2 them.

Wednesday, 09-Apr-2003 17:01:47
Name:  karen jump
E-mail Address:  kaz@kazjump.com
Homepage:  http://www.kazjump.com/
Comments:  Really cool site, xxx kaz

Saturday, 05-Apr-2003 13:46:21
Name:  ernie
E-mail Address:  ernestoverheij@planet.nl
Country:  The Netherlands
Favorite Game:  C&C Tibsun, RA II, AoE, Crystal caves (Ha!)
Comments:  Geweldige site Bravo!

Sunday, 30-Mar-2003 00:54:34
Name:  Lazy Allison
E-mail Address:  Allison21214@yahoo.com
Country:  United States
Favorite Game:  Dangerous Dave Haunted...
Comments:  I just want to say sup...

email me anytime people.. Mushroom

Tuesday, 18-Mar-2003 11:49:33
Name:  dangerous dave green
E-mail Address:  danger@dangerdave.co.uk
Homepage:  http://www.dangereverywhere.com/
Country:  england
Favorite Game:  driving test 6
Comments:  my name is dave green but my arch enemies call me dangerous dave, i love taking my driving test, i take it once a month. i have a small problem with most parts of driving but im dangerous and therefore need to be able to drive my 1.9 litre supercharged diesel clio.

Wednesday, 12-Mar-2003 02:53:34
Name:  Scary Larry
E-mail Address:  ausie50@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.donthaveonebutmaybeiwillsomeday.com/
Country:  The Ass Kicking country of Canada
Favorite Game:  Biomenace, Space Quest, Commander Keen One, Traffic Department, Strip Poker. (Umm...pretend you didn't read that last one)
Comments:  Wow. I really thought the songs you had here kicked. Could I reccomend Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Or Love Roller Coaster by the Chili Peppers.
I think that you should have screenshots of the games that you feature.

Tuesday, 04-Mar-2003 02:20:55
Name:  matthew
E-mail Address:  ctr114@hotmail.com
Homepage:  http://www.game-revolution.com/
Country:  Canada
Favorite Game:  driver,gta3

Tuesday, 25-Feb-2003 20:10:21
Name:  dukenfan
E-mail Address:  walmart@rr.com
Country:  US
Favorite Game:  dukenukem
Comments:  i need codes for duke nukem 1 (for dos) S. city.

Sunday, 02-Feb-2003 01:46:30
Name:  phinixnz
E-mail Address:  phinixnz@yahoo.co.nz
Country:  New Zealand
Favorite Game:  Hmm..this is tricky but probably Unreal1
Comments:  Hi just wanted to say how much I love your collection of links to obscure and classic games eg. Commander Keen !

It's cool to see that there are many others round the world who still remember all the DOS classics. Oh- the Memories !!! (SIGH)

I played this game to death on my first PC (386sx16) and never forgot how much enjoyment it gave me. I can only hope that Apogee/3drealms release the source code as they did for ROTT. It would be great to see it ported to Linux,BeOS,etc...

So I'd just like to say Hello from Auckland,New Zealand and thanks for all the enjoyable reading and fun links :)

Wednesday, 29-Jan-2003 15:11:36
Name:  PuPSiK
E-mail Address:  alexboiko@freenet.de
Homepage:  http://boiko.gameday.de/
Country:  Germany
Favorite Game:  CS
Comments:  Wow, nice site.
Realy good, I try to do as well as this one.
But I have some problems.
So, if u want u can visit my page in few weeks
Bye, Alex Rolling Eyes End of Text

Monday, 20-Jan-2003 00:31:50
Name:  chloe
E-mail Address:  chelsearose91@yahoo.ca
Country:  canada
Favorite Game:  commander keen, cosmo, biomenace
Comments:  Commander Keen Rules!! Keen

Monday, 13-Jan-2003 13:48:07
Name:  Sebastiaan
E-mail Address:  sebastiaantromp@hotmail.com
Country:  Leeuwarden (friesland) NL
Favorite Game:  Wolfenstein-3D
Comments:  Really a great site man.
Go on like this.
Also the music link with the midi file's a verry great.
Greetz Sebastiaan,

Friday, 10-Jan-2003 03:56:34
Name:  Jack Morkenstein
E-mail Address:  jackdragonwings@yahoo.com
Homepage:  http://none/
Country:  Canada
Favorite Game:  Baseball, Slordax, The Uknown Enemy
Comments:  Great site! I got the best cheats from it!
jackdragonwings Electro Boy :)

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