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Archives Volume VI: January 2005 - December 2005

This is where you can read our old news items and other interesting stories.

Good news, bad news Sander » 23-Sep-2005
The good news is I graduated a couple of weeks ago, the bad news is that this means my web space will be cleared by the university quite soon.  Not to worry though, as Frenkel goes to the same university he can host the site using a similar url: http://www.student.tue.nl/p/f.a.m.smeijers/sfp/.

Ah, I see you've found it already. :)

In the conversion process, I tweaked the design a bit.  The biggest change being the removal of frames as they weren't functional anymore.

So webmasters update your links, visitors update your bookmarks, and tell your family, friends and search engines to update theirs too. ;)

Stuff from Mars Frenkel » 11-Aug-2005
This week I went on a trip to Mars.  That planet is very large and I get lost very easily so I've made maps of the whole planet with all the secrets, including a secret monument of Mars.  I found out the information about The Monuments of Mars! on the internet is incomplete.  So I've put better information on this site.

Wanna see some souvenirs?  Come get some MarStuff at our Monuments of Mars! page.

Cheater Frenkel » 30-Jun-2005
John Romero released Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement on his website.  I searched for cheats and I found cheats.  I also found out some of them also work on other games that are featured here but weren't on this site yet.  So go to the Dangerous Dave page, Catacomb page and Slordax page and start cheating.

Secret Mission Frenkel » 31-May-2005
Go to our Secret Agent page and see if you can accomplish your secret mission by spotting the update on that page.

Marvelous Maps Frenkel » 30-Apr-2005
John Romero released the original Dangerous Dave on his website.   And I released the maps of the original Dangerous Dave on my Dangerous Dave page.

Jumpman Won't Die Frenkel » 12-Mar-2005
After years and years of searching I finally found the cheat codes for Jumpman Lives!  They are at our Jumpman Lives! page.

In other news:
A friend of mine created a Titus the Fox and Moktar page.  He also created a trainer and a level viewer for those games.  And he's still working on a level editor. Now he wants his site to be as popular as our S&F Prod. site.  So he would like it if you go to his Titus the Fox & Moktar page.

Never say tile modifier again Sander » 01-Jan-2005
It's time to say Happy New Year again, and this year we kick off with a follow-up item of our 'Christmas present' Secret Agent: License to Chill.  The mod was made using our tile modifier, a program that decrypts the graphics data so you can edit it and subsequently encrypts it again.  Frenkel programmed Sammod, the tile modifier for Secret Agent, and we release it now.  With it you can look at all the tiles and sprites of Secret Agent, and when you do you'll notice graphics that aren't in the game, so-called unused pictures.  These pictures are, among other things: a small dog, a different robot dog (no aibo either), several precursor items and a kevlar vest.

Check out our Secret Agent page for Sammod and an overview of unused pictures.

Here you can find our old news items.
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