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Archives Volume V: January 2004 - December 2004

This is where you can read our old news items and other interesting stories.

Secret Agent: License to Chill Sander » 25-Dec-2004
This Christmas we not only wish you a merry Christmas, but give you a little present as well.  It's a Christmas game full of 16 colors pixel art starring Agent 006 (Secret Agent) of Secret Agent fame called Secret Agent: License to Chill.  In this graphics mod, he gets to dress up like Santa Claus, throw snowballs at Christmas elves and robots, collect an array of weapons, and settle the score with his archenemy Dr. No Body once and for all.   An exciting story line to set the tone for the action is added as well.  You better finish Dr. No Body off for good this time, or he might resurface to ruin Halloween. ;)

Check out our Secret Agent page for the game and story.
If you're more in an Easter mood, you might want to check out our Easter mod for Crystal Caves, instead.
Symbol Merry Christmas!

Starcraft Brood War Lives Sander » 10-Dec-2004
Starcraft Brood War lives, and to prove this website is still alive as well I post this update.

Sometimes you find something new in an old game. Yesterday a friend of mine said there were three bonus levels in Starcraft Brood War, which I didn't believe. As it turns out we were both right, there is only one. Thanks for the tip Luc :).

How to get it: Finish level 9 of episode VI, the one with the Zerg, in under 25 minutes to unlock this level. Play the bonus level and find out what evil Samir Duran is up to.

Check out our Starcraft page to find, among other things, some cheats to help you beat the timer.

Links, 2, 3, 4 Frenkel » 24-Oct-2004
I added some links to the following game pages: Bio Menace, Chagunitzu, Clyde's Revenge, Commander Keen, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Crystal Caves, Dig It!, Doom, Duke Nukem 1, Duke Nukem 2, Electranoid, Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf, GateWorld, Jill of the Jungle, Laser Light, Major Stryker, Math Rescue, Moktar, Pickle Wars, ScubaVenture, Secret Agent, Shadow Warrior, Spear of Destiny, Titus the Fox, Wacky Wheels, Wolfenstein 3D, Xatax.

Alien Halloween Carnage Harry 2 Frenkel » 06-Sep-2004
While making our Halloween Harry page, I tried Admiral_Bob's Alien Carnage extractor on the data files of the shareware version of Halloween Harry v1.1, so I could get a nice picture of the Halloween Harry title.  The program dIDn't work.  It turned out the files of Alien Carnage are compressed and the files of Halloween Harry are not.  That means I could easily make an extractor for Halloween Harry.  And now I have.

Get Hhxtract at our Halloween Harry page.

Alien Halloween Carnage Harry Frenkel » 25-Jul-2004
I made a little page about Halloween Harry AKA Alien Carnage, so if you want to know the cheats visit our Halloween Harry page.

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion Frenkel » 17-Jul-2004
I made a little page about Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, so if you want to know the cheats visit our Corridor 7: Alien Invasion page.

Clyde still wants Revenge Frenkel » 26-Jun-2004
Recently I've got my hands on the registered version of Clyde's Revenge.  I've tried my extractor on it and it worked.  But I wasn't happy with the speed of my program.  So I looked at my source code and I saw some things that could be better.  I made some changes and now my program is smaller and faster.

Get the new version of the Clyde's Revenge Extractor at our Clyde's Revenge page.

Jill of the Jungle Sander » 21-Jun-2004
Frenkel made a little page about Jill of the Jungle, so if you want to know the cheats visit our Jill of the Jungle page.

A Crystal Caves Easter Sander » 11-Apr-2004
It's Easter time again, and this for this year's Easter we've made a Crystal Caves mod called Crystal Caves: Crazy Egg Hunt. The mod was made using our Tile Modifier.

The main character, Mylo Steamwitz, gets to dress up in a bunny costume and shoot his way through levels filled with nasty chickens and surprising dangers. Of course he needs to collect all the Easter eggs the Easter Bunny can't. Read all about why the Easter Bunny isn't able to do his job in the amazingly dramatic story, and download the game at our Crystal Caves page.

Temple of the Gods Frenkel » 04-Apr-2004
I've made a Paganitzu page.  It doesn't contain a level editor or some other download (yet), but it does contain hints how to get to the secret warp levels in episode 3.  Not even the creator of Paganitzu, Keith Schuler, knows how to reach these secret levels!

Titus the Fox Gets Trained Frenkel » 26-Feb-2004
A friend of mine created a trainer for Titus the Fox.  I host his trainer here, until his own Titus the Fox page is ready.

Crystal Caves Update Frenkel » 21-Feb-2004
Just go to the Crystal Caves page.

Clearly a Design Update Sander » 15-Feb-2004
Quite some time passed between this news item and the previous.  We even forgot to wish you all a happy new year.  I hope the past weeks were enjoyable nevertheless :). But now you see we weren't sitting around, doing nothing.  Because before you is the new look of the S&F Prod. website.

After four years of the dark Doom-style it was time for a new design with a clearer and brighter feel.  I won't spend words specifying what was changed and why, just browse around the website and e-mail us or post a message to let us know if you think it's better or worse.

Edit: If you're curious to know how it used to look, check this website (Note that it's not entirely accurate): Internet Archive.

Here you can find our old news items.
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