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Welcome to S&F Prod.  Here you'll find utilities, cheats, downloads, hints, add-ons, Easter eggs, links and more for some of the best classic computer games ever.

Another Day, Another Update Frenkel » 2-Sep-2006
Today I've added a walkthrough on how to access the fourth secret warp level in Paganitzu episode 3. It's exactly one sentence long. So go to our Paganitzu page, read it and try it out.

Something To Celebrate Frenkel » 1-Sep-2006
This is the eighth update of this site this year. That means that we've updated this site more frequently than last year. To celebrate this joyful event I've updated my Vinyl Goddess From Mars extractor. Now it doesn't crash when it can't find some important files. And I hope that the source code is a bit more readable now.
Get the new Vinyl Goddess From Mars extractor at our Vinyl Goddess From Mars page.

Unexpected Hit Deux Sander » 14-Aug-2006
This weeks addition is a page for the world war II real time strategy game Sudden Strike 2. Check out the Sudden Strike 2 page for a review, cheats, hints and links.

Return of the Wicked Sander » 6-Aug-2006
Another update, this time I added a page for the 3rd person action adventure Heretic 2. Check out the Heretic 2 page for a review, cheats and hints. And although I did copy most of those cheats from other websites, I also did some research of my own on how to spawn monsters and found a couple of interesting unused ones.

Now it's my turn Frenkel » 16-Jul-2006
After six updates from Sander, it's my turn to update. I've added an extractor, that I quickly put together, for Vinyl Goddess from Mars on our Vinyl Goddess from Mars page.

Compliance Sander » 13-jul-2006
For a while now I've noticed pop-ups when visiting this website. At first I didn't know what to think of this. As I didn't put in any such code, I placed the cause in websites I visited earlier, or spyware even. However, to my dismay I've found that the hit counter (nedstat / webstats4u) was causing this annoyance. As it turned out the counter company was bought and the new owners wanted to make some quick money of of their acquisition. So, even though it has been on this website since the beginning and has registered 286920 visits the counter had to go.

We have a new counter now, but this business with pop-ups made me think. When some company can make money by putting advertisements on my website, why can't I? I know a lot of people with less interesting websites that do :). So like these people I've put some Google Ads on here, to see if it actually works like they say it does. If it doesn't I'll quickly remove them again. I've added the Google search box as well, that at least could be useful.

In addition to these obvious changes, some behind the scenes stuff has been changed too. Namely, this website has become HTML 4.01 Strict W3C compliant, the cascading style sheets included. It's compliant except for the links that have the target='_blank' property - that is just way too useful :p. Moreover, in the process of updating, the keyboard short-cut script on the games page has been reworked, so it should function with Firefox, and all links have been checked and updated whenever necessary.

As being W3C compliant is only important for my experience and ego, I hope the next update will be a little more interesting: like some new content.

Thiefcraft Sander » 14-May-2006
This week I've added two games to our website, and I'm planning to add more 'soon'.  Both games are fun, original and set in a well thougt-out world, but the fate of the companies that developed them is totally opposite.

The first page is about the old school strategy game Warcraft.  This one started the series of games of which the MMORPG World of Warcraft is best known today.  With the latter game, Blizzard is doing quite well ;).

The second page is about a set of games where the object is to gain funds as well, yet without people happily giving away their money, namely the first two Thief games.  Thief 1 was made by Looking Glass in its heyday, while Thief 2 proved to be its final game before going out of business.

We're still here Sander » 26-Mar-2006
It has been a long time since the last news update, so the biggest news probably is that we're still here.  Even the traditional happy new year news item was not posted, so I did it just now (with an adjusted date ;)).

Happy New Year Sander » 01-Jan-2006
Happy New Year! :D.

Symbol Merry Christmas!


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