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Archives Volume III: January 2002 - December 2002

This is where you can read our old news items and other interesting stories.

On Warez and Whiners Sander » 16-Nov-2002
Lately people on our guestbook have been requesting that we put full versions up for download on the site.  Some have even resorted to childish name calling.  That is totally unnecessary, because this is The Internet, people!  If you can't find your precious warez here, there are plenty of other sites that do offer full version downloads.

For instance, if you are looking for one of the older classics featured on our site all you have to do is search for 'abandonware'.  Abandonware is software that is no longer supported by its publisher or sold in stores.  Although it is technically illegal, often the only way to get these old programs is downloading them from the various abandonware websites.  The other way is trying your luck on auction sites like eBay.

Home of the Underdogs is the very best abandonware site on the net.  When you want to have a game that's featured on our site don't whine on the guestbook that we don't offer it :p!  You can most likely get it here.

Dark Ages Level Viewer Frenkel » 22-Oct-2002
The past few weeks I've worked on a level viewer for Dark Ages.  It's not perfect, but I've worked long enough on this program and I thought it was time for another update.  It's not just another level viewer, it's my first attempt at smooth scrolling in EGA!

So go to the Dark Ages page and download Daview.

Caption Contribution Contest Sander » 05-Sep-2002
You've probably all seen the screenshots on our site, you've probably all read the captions, and you've probably all thought "Hey, that's not hilarious, not even close!  My witty remarks are much funnier!" Well then, we're open for your contribution.

When you think you know a good caption for any of the screenshots on our website, e-mail it to us.  If it's any good, we'll put it up.  In return we'll mention your name (or nickname) and add a link to your homepage (when you've got one).  Be sure to include the name of the game and, if there's more than one image on that page, if your caption is for the first, second or any other image.

View the Pyramids of Egypt Frenkel » 18-Jul-2002
I've made a level viewer for Pyramids of Egypt, a fun but hard CGA game by John Romero.  Download Pyraview here.

Willy and Dave Frenkel » 15-Jul-2002
On request I changed my Spit Wad Willy extractor.  It now supports Pea Shootin' Pete, which is almost the same game.  Download Swwpspex here.

I also wrote a program that shows the EGA pictures of Dangerous Dave.  Get it at the Dangerous Dave page.

Even more Updates Sander » 01-Jul-2002
Hmm, it looks like it's been 2 months already since this news page has last been updated.  At least when not counting days that is.

Anyway, the problems with the server haven't been fixed as I wrongly stated in my last post.  The problem being that our space on the server is only 10 Mb instead of the 25 Mb that should be available.  I have worked around this by removing our own music files, I doubt anyone was ever interested in them anyway ;).

I'll throw in a list of updates now:
  • Added 10 new midi's to the sound system.
  • Changed the appearance of the links so it is easier on the eyes (it doesn't make you go 8o anymore.)
  • The font size should be more the same on different browsers (who wouldn't notice that).
  • Added section links on the games page, those section names between brackets are now clickable.
  • Simplified the wallpaper page.
  • Probably added some games to the games page, but I'm not sure, why don't you take a look :).

Updates, Updates and Updates Sander » 29-Apr-2002
We had some problems with the server that stopped us from updating our website, but now the thing works again so we've got a few updates:

Because the background picture should be in one piece it matters which screen size the visitor has, so now we've incorporated a script that detects the screen size and changes the background picture accordingly.  There are five new wallpapers made because of that, they're all the same image in different sizes.

Secondly the changes constantly when clicked on.

Thirdly the meta tags are changed, the description is improved a bit.

Finally we've got two redirect urls now namely http://www.sfprod.cjb.net and http://www.sfprod.tk.  The first one is preferred though, it behaves better with respect to our counter.

Oh, and please sign our guestbook.  ;-), hmmm I mean ;).

Crystal Caves Frenkel » 24-Mar-2002
I wrote a little program to dump the tiles of Crystal Caves episode 1.  Go to the Crystal Caves page, download Cc1dump and sign our guestbook :).

More Catacombs Frenkel » 23-Mar-2002
I finally got my hands on Catacomb.  I tested the Sndplay player on it and it worked.  I didn't have to change a thing in the source code.  But I did change the source code, so the program is even faster than before.

Catacomb is the first game in the Catacomb series and The Catacomb is the second game.  I included both on a single page, because they're very similar.  There are some little differences.  For instance: In Catacomb there are no cheats as far as I know, but in The Catacomb there are cheats for God mode and Level warp.  And in Catacomb you can choose between CGA and EGA mode and in The Catacomb the program itself decides which mode suits your system best (probably EGA).

PS.  Please sign our guestbook!  :)

New! URL and Guestbook Sander » 24-Feb-2002
Good news for everyone who can't remember the url of this site because of its length.  If all goes well then soon http://www.sfprod.tk will be another url by which we can be reached.

Because we love to hear from you we have put a guestbook on our site.  So tell us what you have to say about the site or about anything else.

Street Fighter I, It Exists Frenkel » 07-Feb-2002
I wrote some simple programs for Street Fighter. You can download them at the Street Fighter page.

New Commander Keen Game Sander » 12-Jan-2002
We haven't wished you a happy new year yet, have we?  Well then A happy new year to you all! Only 353 more days to go.

We haven't been sitting still here either, we've created our very first on-line game!  It's called Keen's Slot Machine.  It basically is what it sounds like: a slot machine game with Commander Keen treasures from all episodes, and Commander Keen himself comments on your progress with over 100 'clever' remarks.  Oh and since we're from Europe the active currency in the game is the euro (€).

The game comes in two sizes.  A small one that loads in the space normally occupied by .  And because this is probably too small for people with high resolution monitors there is also a larger one that opens in a separate window.
The small one: Keen's Slot Machine.
The larger one: Keen's Slot Machine XL.

Hope you like it!

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