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Archives Volume II:  August 2001 - December 2001

This is where you can read our old news items and other interesting stories.

Chagunitzu Level Pack Sander » 25-Dec-2001
A merry Christmas to all!
We've got a present for you:  The level pack we made for Chagunitzu with our editor (which you can download here).  The level pack is named Chag-Sfp-Roo, and contains rooms that are considerably harder than the original levels.  So if you want a real challenge download Chag-Sfp-Roo here.

There's also a new game page for RedCat.  It contains yet another extractor.

Keen Skin for Doom Frenkel » 22-Dec-2001
The Commander Keen skin for Doom has been improved by Joseph Dugas.  So if you downloaded the first one, don't forget to get this new one, which is much better.  If you didn't get it the first time, here's your second chance.

Download it here, or get it at the Commander Keen or Doom page.

100 visitors a day :) Sander » 16-Dec-2001
Wow, last Thursday, for the first time since the launch of this site, we had more than a hundred visitors in a single day!  Because of this I smiled the whole next day. :·)

Some new midi's for the Sound System in the upper left corner were added.  I wanted to add some Christmas music to get into the season's spirit, too bad I could only find one good one.

On a side note:
I'm very proud Osama Bin Laden mentioned Holland in his latest video.  What he said was nonsense, it's just nice when an insignificant country is mentioned in such a historic piece of video.

More Updates Sander » 02-Dec-2001
There were some major HTML updates, which you won't really notice if everything goes well.  If all goes wrong however, you will notice some errors.  I also added a Quake 2 page because I had a funny skin lying around.  Check that one out.

SFP on SBS Frenkel » 17-Nov-2001
I wrote another extractor.  This time it's for GateWorld.
Get Gwext here.

For everyone who lives in the Netherlands.  I was on SBS Text page 141 with this site.  It's a pity you're to late to watch because it isn't there anymore.  I should have told you earlier.

And I have uploaded another song by me.  I think it's one of my best songs.  It's in Dutch and it sounds like punk rock.
Download Hardcore Frenkel - Een Ijzige Stilte.

Cosmic Pictures Frenkel » 06-Nov-2001
I wrote some programs to view the pictures of Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure and I put them on the Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure page.

Catacomb Fansite Frenkel » 20-Oct-2001
I added a new link to the Catacomb page.  It's called Catacomb Crypt.  It's the only fansite about the Catacomb series I could find and it's a good one.

Legend of a Weird Build Game Frenkel » 17-Oct-2001
I made a new game page.  This time it's for the game Legend of the Seven Paladins.  This is the weirdest and oldest Build game.  I made an extractor for it.
Download Lotspe here.

Clyde's Revenge Extractor Frenkel » 29-Sep-2001
Crext is an extractor for Clyde's Revenge.  It gives you the sound effects, pictures, music and more.

Download Crext here.  Source code included.

Sound System On-Line Sander » 28-Sep-2001
Ever since this site went on-line, there was this strange little switch in the upper left corner.  When turned over this one midi file started playing.  It was supposed to be much better but due to a lack in sufficient javascript programming skillz it remained 'under construction'.  But now two years have passed and all loose ends suddenly came together so that it seemed almost easy to do everything I've always wanted with it.

Spit Wad Willy Extractor Frenkel » 09-Sep-2001
Swwext is an extractor for Spit Wad Willy.  It gives you the sound effects, the pictures and more.

Download Swwext here.  Source code included.

Chagunitzu Editor Completed Frenkel » 01-Sep-2001
CHAGEDIT IS DONE!  Chagedit is THE editor for Chagunitzu.  The file specifications for Chagunitzu and Paganitzu, and the source code are included.

Download Chagedit here.

In a few days there will be a level pack on-line made by yours truly, for expert players only.

Pixel Painters Extractor Frenkel » 16-Aug-2001
I made a new extractor.  This time it's for games from the Pixel Painters like Electranoid, Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf, Laser Light and Xatax.  The files that are extracted aren't very useful.  Maybe somebody could write a level editor for one of the games.

Download Ppext here.  Source code included.

Increased Number of Links Frenkel » 12-Aug-2001
Added more links to some game pages.

More Sounds Frenkel » 10-Aug-2001
Again a new game is added to the game page, because it also works with my Sndplay program.  The game is called Pickle Wars.  But before you can use Sndplay, you need my Pwext, Pickle Wars Extractor.  That program extracts all the files from Pickle Wars.  The source code is included.  I don't have cheats for this game, if you do e-mail me.

But that is not the only new game that works with Sndplay.  Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion is also supported by Sndplay.  But first you need to extract the sounds out of the EXE using Dave2snd.  That brings me to the following topic.

I made a new version of Sndplay, because it had some bugs in it.  With some games like Duke Nukum when you wanted to listen to the last sound the program hanged.  That and some other minor things are fixed now.
With this new version you can also listen to the original Dangerous Dave sound effects.  Dangerous Dave uses a format that is almost exactly the same as the other games, but first you need to extract the sounds using my Davesnd utility.

Now most game pages have a links section.

Math Rescue Product Added Frenkel » 05-Aug-2001
A new game is added to the game page, because it also works with my Sndplay program.  The game is called Math Rescue.  As usual there are some pictures and cheats.

Wacky Wheels, Vroom!! Frenkel » 02-Aug-2001
A few days after releasing Textract and Sndplay we present you now Wextract.  Wextract is an extractor for Wacky Wheels.  Now you can play every midi from the game, listen to all the sound effects, watch some strange pictures, try to make a level editor and much more.  And the best thing is that I made it myself, just like the other two programs.  The program is made in Qbasic, so everybody can understand it.

You can download Wextract here.  Source included.

Sound Player Frenkel » 30-Jul-2001
Sndplay plays the PC speaker sound effects for the following games:  The Catacomb, Slordax, Commander Keen:  Invasion of the Vorticons, Rescue Rover, Hovertank 3-D, Paragon, Duke Nukum, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Major Stryker, Shadow Knights.

For Commander Keen 2 you need Keen2snd, for Commander Keen 3 you need Keen3snd and for Shadow Knights you need Sksnd.zip because the sounds are stored inside the EXE and these programs get them out of there.

You can download Sndplay here.

Todd Replogle Extractor Frenkel » 29-Jul-2001
Textract is released.  Textract stands for Todd Replogle Extractor.  Textract extracts files out of games made by Todd Replogle and others.  Textract works for Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Duke Nukem II and Major Stryker (Major Stryker isn't made by Todd Replogle, but he is listed by Special thanks to in the credits screen of this game.)  Textract can be immediately downloaded right here or via the Games Page.

Chagview v1.1 Sander » 23-Jul-2001
Chagview is only a couple of days on the internet, and already there's a new version.  It's called Chagview v1.1 and it displays the rooms of Chagunitzu even better than the first version.  You can download Chagview v1.1 here.  Plus the Games Page has had a major restyling, check it out.

Chagview Frenkel » 21-Jul-2001
My first program is on the internet.  It's called Chagview and it views the rooms of Chagunitzu.  That's a game by Keith Schuler that he made for Softdisk, just before he joined Apogee.  You can download Chagview here.

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