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Archives Volume I:  Start of the website - July 2001

This is where you can read our old news items and other interesting stories.

Dangerous Dave Historian    Frenkel
My name (Frenkel Smeijers) is on the homepage of John Romero.  If you don't know who John Romero is then where were you the last two decades? John Romero is the author of such great games as Daikatana, Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein 3-D, Commander Keen, Rescue Rover 1&2, Shadow Knights, Hovertank, Twilight Treasures, Pyramids of Egypt, Catacomb 3-D and Dangerous Dave.  On his page he's got an article about the history of Dangerous Dave.  He talks about the six different games of the famous character.  But he forgot one, Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement, so I mailed him and I said that he forgot one game.  So there are seven games of Dangerous Dave.  He updated his page and he added more pictures, even some pictures of Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement which are never seen before for the big audience.  So you can thank me for that on my e-mail address.  Here is what John said on his page:

"An astute site reader and Dangerous Dave historian from the Netherlands, Frenkel Smeijers, e-mailed me and corrected my Dave history -- I had quite mistakenly omitted the Dangerous Dave in "Copyright Infringement" entry!  And what an important entry it was:  it marked the beginning of id Software.  I expanded more of the information in that section and added more pictures, so you might want to check it out again."

If you don't believe me look at Planet Romero.
Or take a look at our Dangerous Dave cheat section here.

Be a Dope    Frenkel
Hi again, Apogee fans,
If you're looking for my Commander Keen becomes Dopefish patch guide look at the download page.  Use the menu at the left or use this link.

Keen 4 Level    Frenkel
Hi there, Apogee fans,
If you're looking for my Commander Keen 4 level look at the download page.  Use the menu at the left or use this link.

Duke 4 Screenshots    Sander
Discuss this Newsstory ;)

At the start of 2001 3D Realms organized a "Fake Screenshot Competition".  The goal of this competition was for people to create a fake screenshot of 3D Realms new Duke Nukem game, Duke Nukem Forever.  We as S&F Prod. also created a set of screenshots for this competition.  We made screenshots of our fun DUKE conversion of DOOM, and send a nice story with it to justify the old looking graphics the screenshots have.  Because 3D Realms only put 1 screenshot on their site (and the cool Doom-style Duke title, but they didn't put our name under that) we now present you our complete submission.

This is the e-mail we sent as our submission:

"Hello 3D Realms people,

I know why it takes you guys so long with making Duke Nukem Forever.  Because it first used the Quake2-engine, then the Unreal-engine and now it uses the Doom-engine!  That's right the Doom-engine and I've found some screenshots surfing my homepage to prove it.  I even got the new theme song for Duke Nukem Forever.  You can download a beta-version of Duke from http://www.student.tue.nl/p/f.a.m.smeijers/sfp or http://www.sfprod.com. You still need a copy of Doom to play it.  Make sure you don't go upgrading Duke4 to the Wolfenstein 3-D-engine, I know you've bought a license of the Wolfenstein-engine for ROTT!

Could you put one of these links on your Duke Nukem 3D link page? And maybe you could put the title screen picture (no.2) and the song on your fan art page, please?


Sander and Frenkel Smeijers"

Attached to this e-mail was a zip-file with 9 pictures and 1 mp3.  You can find the mp3 on our website, it's called "Let's Rock".  The fake Duke Nukem Forever are actually DUKE screenshots and so we placed here on our site right after some older screenshots.

And finally to show you we're not lying, here's the link to the 3D Realms page where our pictures are shown:  link.

Happy New Year Sander » 01-Jan-2001
Happy New Year Everybody!
And a Happy Millennium to all you nerds that kept saying this is the REAL start of the third millennium.

On-Line    Sander
We're on-line!

And now we're on-line, you can download Duke, an incredible total conversion of Doom, with your favorite foulmouthed hero.  Or try the pipe bomb patch.  Better yet, try both.

As of this time you can download some impulse tracker modules made by us.  They range from punk rock to dance to gabber.  We've even added some wallpaper!

If you're a loser, you can use our cheats.  Then maybe you'll be able to win.

You can surf the internet the right way with a collection of links.

Have a nice day

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