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Archives Volume IV: January 2003 - December 2003

This is where you can read our old news items and other interesting stories.

ScubaVenture Code Surfaces Frenkel » 29-Nov-2003
With a little hacking I figured out the cheat codes of ScubaVenture.  Get them and more at the ScubaVenture page.

Moktar Code Generator Frenkel » 22-Nov-2003
I wrote a Moktar level code generator in assembly.  Get it now from our Moktar page.

Expect more to come for Moktar and a similar game.

Finally Some Real Updates Sander » 27-jun-2003
With the holIDays well underway, we've had some spare time to work on the website.  So it's now time for a small list of updates:
  • Updated our Duke Nukum page with images and info about a character that was called Duke Nukem, but isn't the familiar computer game character.  Also there's a section with pictures of the game that had the same crates and barrel images as Duke Nukum, a year before they appeared in the Apogee game...
  • Added a page on the Apogee game Secret Agent.
  • Added a page on Heretic.
  • Added a Rick Dangerous page with pictures of all the tiles and sprites.
  • Added a Quake page.
  • Added a Chip's Challenge page, and a spoiler page in which we practically give away the ending.  Maybe there will be more spoiler pages in the future.
  • For the Crystal Caves page, and all of the above pages, I've written a small introduction about the game.  This is going to be a standard feature for every game page we have.
  • There are also some new icons for the guestbook.
  • Finally Keen fan Perry Scanlon sent us a challenging Commander Keen 1 puzzle, you can find it on our Commander Keen page.

Frenkel in Keen Newsletter Frenkel » 03-Jun-2003
I have been interviewed for the Commander Keen Newsletter.  The interview with me is in the May 31 2003 edition. Here is a small part of the interview:

Are you working on some classic games related project at the time?  You seem to have written quite a big amount of game tweakin' tools.. :)

I'm working on a program that will show the levels of Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.  I get all the tiles working, but it is really slow.  Now I have to place all the sprites, so it will even be slower.  I think I'm just going to make big pictures of the levels and distribute them.

I'm also working on a program that will dump all the tiles and sprites of Prehistorik 2 in a bunch of BMP's.  I just found out that it only uses 16 colors, just like Duke Nukem 2, nevertheless it looks very good."

The Commander Keen Newsletter also reviewed this site:

"S&F Prod. Site

Site Rating: Excellent
Quality - 10/10
Originality - 9/10
Keenishness - N/A
Overall - 9/10


This site is mostly a general site for classic computer games.  In the Commander Keen Section there is an fun little on-line game to play, a sound player for Keen 1-3, level hex editing, a patch to play as the dopefish, cheats, and a Doom skin.

There are many other sections for other classic games like Cosmo and Biomenace so the site is worth looking at for general and technical info on these games."

Bio Menace Completely Mapped Frenkel » 03-May-2003
It took me three years to complete mapping out episode one of Bio Menace and it took me just four hours to map out episode two and three.  Get all the maps of the registered version of Bio Menace at the Bio Menace page.

Bio Menace Ep1 Mapped Frenkel » 28-Apr-2003
Wow, two updates in one month!  Should happen more often :).
I've finished making screenshots of every level of Bio Menace episode one, a project I started in 2000.  Get the result at the Bio Menace page.

Pennywise on Piano Frenkel » 06-Apr-2003
I've put a new song on the Music Download Page.  Frenkel playing a cover of a punk rock song on a real piano.  It rocks, in real life even more.

Not Really an Update Sander » 09-Mar-2003
Well, sorry for the lack of updates on the news page.  It's just that I dislike writing a bleak list of what has been changed in the website, like:
  • added a page on Grand Theft Auto
  • screenshots are resizable now
  • added highlighting
  • updated the Links page
  • added 10 new game icons to the guestbook
  • updated the Mail Us page with new avatar images and
  • a bit on how the name S&F Prod. originated
I rather prefer writing about more general subjects, but that requires an interesting topic and more inspiration than has been available to me lately.  On top of that it has been a busy time for us, we had to do a lot of time consuming (school)work, like:
  • writing reports
  • growing beards
  • giving presentations
  • maintaining a decent level of personal hygiene
  • waiting for public transportation
  • studying for exams
  • trying to meet deadlines
Well, sorry again.

A New Year for Classics Sander » 02-Jan-2003
Happy New Year!  Once again a year has ended and a new one has begun.  As time passes, new more advanced games are being made, and once modern games are consIDered to be outdated.  While most of these older games are being forgotten, some have a certain quality that make them stand out in one's mind.  These outstanding games are cherished, not just for their high tech graphics, but for their memorable characters, for their imaginative worlds or for their addictive gameplay.  As time passes, more classics are born, and thus more classics will be commemorated on these pages...

We of S&F Prod. wish you all the best for 2003! Symbol Merry Christmas!

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